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ScalpTrader (SCALP) waits for individual Gold Miners to trade down to price support to put on a Long position in the 3x Daily Gold Miners ETF, catching as much as 3.75 points on the move...

11:14 ET
NUGT ScalpTrader: NUGT Scalp Long -- 1/2 size with 2 pt risk. (73.27 -4.42)
11:15 ET
NUGT ScalpTrader: NUGT -- Seeing some of the Miners come to life. I'd been looking for a price squeeze today in these names and it may be starting to play out here. (73.55 -4.18)
11:19 ET
NUGT ScalpTrader: NUGT Update -- Just b/c it is NUGT and moves in a flash, going to lock in a piece for +1.35. Stops to $73.10. Actually only keeping 1/2 of the position. (74.63)
11:21 ET
NUGT ScalpTrader: NUGT Update -- Out more for almost 2 pts. Stops on last 1/4 at 73.10. Going to sit back on this piece and see if it can do some work for us. (75.15)
11:41 ET
NUGT ScalpTrader: NUGT Update -- Locking in profits on last piece of NUGT for almost 4 pts. (77.02)

ScalpTrader (SCALP) uses early strength to pick off momentum name Tesla for a scalp short. Risk of 2 pts delivered profits of as much as 4 points on the final leg of the trade...

09:35 ET TSLA ScalpTrader: TSLA Scalp Short -- Risking 2 pts. (170.29 +3.00)
09:47 ET TSLA ScalpTrader: TSLA Update -- Let's lock some in. Stops to your entry. (168.41)
09:53 ET TSLA ScalpTrader: TSLA -- Let's lock in more here. Glad to see the patience on the TSLA fills. Looks like most of you waited for a bounce and picked it off close to $171. (167.80)
10:00 ET TSLA ScalpTrader: TSLA Update -- Out another piece. Stops to 169 on last piece. (167.11)
10:04 ET TSLA ScalpTrader: TSLA Update -- Out remainder of Short here for 4-4.75 pts on this piece depending on fills. (166.35)

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