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Netflix (NFLX): +50%
13:30 ET
BLUEX Blue Chip Trader -- NFLX Swing Long (326.50 -1.98)
  • Price checked back to multi-week lows along that 322/324 zone and managed to stave off further selling pressures.
  • Currently trading near morning highs and looking like it could make a run back at 330/332 in due time.
  • Buying some here around $326/325 zone, risking about $3.
  • Option Buyers consider the June 315 Calls around the $18-mark.
BLUEX Blue Chip Trader -- NFLX Swing Long Follow Up - Partial (333.26 +1.44)
  • There was ample time to lock in a partial profit this morning with price running up to $336 for a gain of approximately +10 points (Long June 315 Calls +30% from $18 to $24) on our Swing Long entry from last week.
  • Balance stops should be tightened up to breakeven or better. Next ideal target is to trim into a breakout into higher ground over $340.
BLUEX Blue Chip Trader -- NFLX Swing Long Follow Up - Trim & Trail (340.60 +8.98)
  • Nice relative strength today against broader market weakness as our patience pays off with this Swing Long from the 326-area over a week ago for a gain of +15 points (Long June 315 Calls +50% from $18 to $28).
  • Per prior notes, a breakout into all-time high ground over 338/340 warrants another partial profit into strength.
  • It's a matter of "trimming & trailing" from here with a balance stop at least at breakeven or above. Don't want to see today's range erased anytime soon with a drop back below $330.

Facebook (FB): +30%
14:58 ET
BLUEX Blue Chip Trader -- FB Short Scalp Follow up (173.85 -43.69)
  • Finally got a breakdown to a fresh session low under $175/174 this morning, which bodes well for our Short this afternoon. I suspect going into the final hour, anyone that picked this up as a Long (or worse, has yet to cut their losses from a position from the last few weeks), will have to reckon with the reality of taking a loss. That should add to further selling pressure into the close.
  • The only exception would be if we start to see some heavy lifting of prices back up towards the morning range highs around 179/ that case, I would consider scratching out this trade.
  • In the meantime, we are up about 3-points on this morning's Short from the 177/176 zone (Aug 185 Puts +5%), so if you can, a partial profit into extended downside is warranted.
  • Ideally, I want this to close on its lows around 170-level, in which case, I'd consider holding small overnight for a Swing.
09:46 ET
BLUEX Blue Chip Trader - FB Swing Short Follow Up - Partial
  • Getting "cleared off the books" with month-end tomorrow.
  • Price probing our targeted $170 area for a gain of at least +6 points (Long Aug 185 Puts +30%).
  • A partial profit is warranted. Stop on remaining balance at breakeven or better.

Sientra (SIEN): +126%
09:41 ET
TREND TrendTracker: Selling half of my Sientra (SIEN) swing long for +126%
With the new manufacturing facility finally approved, Sientra is set to become a bonafide growth stock, but the stock has already priced in a decent amount of success (~6x FY19 sales), so now mgmt will have to execute. Down to a 1/3 size position in the stock from under $9/share; willing to let the rest run longer term.

T2 Biosystems (TT00): +106%
10:08 ET
TREND TrendTracker: Selling 1/3 of the T2 Bio (TTOO) long for a 106% gain (8.79 +0.59)
Down to a half size position. T2 Bacteria Panel approval is imminent. Just taking a partial profit here, still like the stock long-term.

The Trade Desk (TTD): +220%
10:33 ET
TREND TrendTracker: Selling tiny piece (0.25x size) of The Trade Desk (TTD) Long for a 66% gain from average entry (82.68 +2.46)
Still a have 2.5x size position and I plan on maintaining a large position for the long-term.
15:47 ET
TREND TrendTracker: Sold another January $55 call option on The Trade Desk (TTD) at $29.00 for a 220% gain
I have one Jan $55 call left and a 2.5x size swing long/investment in the stock.

Chipotle (CMG): +61%
09:46 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader: CMG Update -- I'm locking in profits on 1/2 of the Chipotle (CMG) Spec position for approx. 182 pts, or 61%.
  • Picked this up in Nov as a turnaround play after the CEO was pushed out.

Roku (ROKU): +31%
11:58 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader: ROKU follow-up (38.92 +2.93)
  • Getting a nice 1.7 pt pop in the ROKU position.
  • I'm keeping on the intermediate-term swing, but for those of you are playing this on a more short-term basis, may want to use this as an oppty to trim some.
09:45 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader: ROKU Swing Update -- Locking in profits on 1/2 of the ROKU swing position for +25%; moving up stops on remainder to the $40.00 area. (46.32 -0.43)
14:38 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader: ROKU Swing Update -- Locking in profits on half of remaining ROKU position for +31%; tightening stops on remaining position to the $43.00 area.

Polymath (POLY): +134%
07:36 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader Crypto Notes: Taking profits on 1/3 of the Polymath (POLY) crypto position for +100%
  • Using today's almost 40% rise in price to take the first trim of the Polymath (POLY) crypto position, which was entered on April 17th.
  • POLY currently trading at $0.82 on Bittrex vs entry price of $0.41, for a 100% profit. Current mkt-cap is $195 mln.
09:39 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader Crypto Notes: Using today's pop to sell 1/2 of the remaining Polymath (POLY) crypto position for +134%
  • Polymath (POLY) trading at $0.96 on Bittrex vs our entry price of $0.41. Market-cap $230 mln.
  • Today's 27% advance in price is apparently due to speculation of a new partnership to potentially be announced next week.

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