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DNT + 82%
08:44 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader Crypto Trade: district0x
  • I am adding to the district0x (DNT) crypto position here. If not involved yet, I think this is a good place to initiate an entry, especially now that it is trading on Bittrex.
  • Now that DNT has been listed on Bittrex, I think the coin could see much more volume/interest flow into it.
  • district0x is a network of decentralized markets and communities. Think of it as a Shopify/BigCommerce for the blockchain. Companies can be created on top of the district0x platform. This allows companies to create blockchain-based businesses without a ton of upfront fundraising.
  • An interesting component to this concept is that DNT coin holders are able to vote on which new concepts should enter the district0x community and can even stake these companies with their DNT tokens and participate in the profits of the specific business.
  • Bittrex has been very slow to list new coins of late. The fact that DNT is just one of four new coins to be listed there in the last 2 1/2 months should create a bit of a halo effect.
  • DNT is trading at $0.0411 on Bittrex with a market-cap of $24.6 mln.
09:23 ET
SCALP Crypto Trade Update -- I would look to lock in profits on 1/2 of the District0x (DNT) position purchased yesterday for a +65% profit.
  • Getting the explosive upside move that I was expecting on the Bittrex listing.
  • Locking in profits on 1/2 of the position here for +65% on the move to $0.067 and moving stops to entry area.
  • Volume today is $6.6 mln vs an avg in the $0.5 mln range over the past couple of weeks.
  • Market-cap has now expanded to $40.6 mln.
06:53 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader Crypto Trade Update -- Locking in profits on more of the District0x (DNT) crypto position for +82%
  • Last week, we took profits on half of the DNT position (that we purchased on Oct 19) for +65%.
  • This trim leaves us with a one-quarter size piece left in that position.

ROKU + 145%
16:17 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader: ROKU Update -- I'm using this spike on earnings to take profits on 1/2 my ROKU position for approx. +27%.
  • Stock has surged to $23.56 in reaction to strong earnings report (vs $18.84 closing price).
  • I'm long from $18.56, so selling 1/2 the position for a 5 pt profit, or +27%.
  • Stops on remainder of position to $20.00.
08:14 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader: ROKU Update -- I am going to trim another 1/4 of the ROKU position here for +34%
  • ROKU is trading up 32% in pre-mkt to $24.75 in reaction to last night's earnings report.
  • After the close, I sold 1/2 of the ROKU swing position in the $23.55 area and trimming a bit more of it this morning as it extends further.
  • Stops on the last piece at $21.00
09:36 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader: ROKU Update -- I'm locking in profits on last piece of my ROKU position for +145%. (45.71 +2.92)

SLB (Nov 60 Calls) +125%
10:20 ET
BLUEX Blue Chip Trader -- SLB Long/Bounce (62.24 -2.25)
  • Buying some here around the 62's, risking about $2.
  • Today's earnings results look like a potential "wash-out" of its October distribution (down -11% for the month so far), making it ripe for a bounce back.
  • Option Buyers consider the Nov 60 Calls $3 or less.
09:59 ET
BLUEX Blue Chip Trader -- SLB Swing Long/Bounce Follow up (64.34 +0.79)
  • Nice lift above last week's highs (63.87) to close that bearish gap between 64.00/64.50 zone, good for a gain of +2 points (Nov 60 Calls +50%) from our Long in the low 62's.
  • Partial profit taken, along with tightening remaining balance stops to breakeven zone. Next target around the 50-day ma's near 66 vicinity.
15:52 ET
BLUEX Blue Chip Trader -- Swing Long SLB balance Follow up (67.36 +3.78)
  • Ripping back higher today as it finally plays "catch-up" with the rest of the Energy sector's strength...
  • Swing Long balance from its post-earnings drop into the $62-area is good for a +5 point profit (Nov 60 Calls +125% from $3 to $7), warranting trimming more into this renewed strength if possible.
  • Balance stops around 64/65 vicinity.

NGL Options Trade +70%
10:06 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader: NGL Options Trade
  • I'm initiating a Short Put position in NGL Energy (NGL 10.65 +0.10).
  • Selling the Nov expiry $10 Puts for $0.70.
  • Already generating about 17% yield on the common units in NGL. With Oil prices continuing to edge higher, I think NGL will steadily make up lost ground.
  • I'm personally starting with 10 contracts and will look to build on weakness in the stock price.
12:05 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader: NGL Short Put position -- Taking profits for 70%
  • I've decided to lock in profits on the Short NGL Nov $10 Put position ahead of next Tuesday's earnings report.
  • I'm not necessarily expecting a bad qtr, but NGL has disappointed the last couple and the stock has had a decent run off recent lows.
  • Moreover, have plenty of exposure to NGL through the common units.
  • Thus, with most of the meat off the bone of this trade, I'm taking profits.
  • After selling the Puts for $0.70, I was able to buy them back for $0.21, translating to a 70% profit.

QCOM +20%
11:10 ET
TECHT Tech Trader: QCOM Add (51.00)
Whenever "the market" focuses solely on some singular negative (or positive) issue around a company and ignores nearly everything else about "said company" it's usually a good level to act. Usually these "sole issue" deals hit companies during weak periods but they can also occur at stocks' highs as well. Right now "the market" is literally ignoring everything about QCOM except the "AAPL issue". Thus QCOM is disproportionately discounted. I bought the stock down $4 today, and I'd also buy it right here at $51, if I hadn't already grabbed some 30-35c lower. To that point, in coming days/weeks I plan on making QCOM my largest large cap Tech position, passing AAPL, MU and PYPL.

I'd also note that QCOM Wednesday and a solid or even outright good report with signs of new growth/strength wouldn't surprise me at all. If not this QTR, than we are likely just another QTR out. Many forget that almost every really great Mega Cap tech goes through periods like this. In recent years, AAPL GOOGL AMZN MSFT all faced very trying periods of under performance. And YES, they all faced that "singular negative issue". Just recently, PYPL INTC and MU faced very pervasive periods of negativity and I'd note their performance this year, or in MU's case late last year is when their big turn came.

Bottom line, the singular focus on the AAPL issue misses 90% of the story that is QCOM.

Long -- qcom aapl mu pypl
14:39 ET
TECHT Tech Trader: Happy Friday QCOM Wishes and Caviar Dreams
Well how about that, the sleeper has awakened and doing so in a big way... per Briefing see -- QCOM Qualcomm: WSJ also reporting that Broadcom (AVGO) could bid for QCOM this weekend (63.18 +8.41). So folks here's what I have so say in no particular order:
  1. If you still have the QCOM just bought with me at $51 2-3 days back, this is a really juicy trade to take right here, either in whole or in part. I've already trimmed those trading shares at $55+
  2. This deal seems a pretty huge reach for me. While anything is possible this one could border on having trouble clearing DOJ approval for one thing.
  3. Also what happens to NXPI?
  4. I did say QCOM was exceedingly undervalued and I value the shares to $90 LT. Thus while, talking some off is prudent, I'll retain a good chunk of my current core position.
  5. If a deal were to occur, I'd think it's got to be in the area of $70-75 if not higher.
  6. If AVGO pulls this off they will literally own all the best parts of the Comm. chip space and will cause all manner of massive competitive anxiety.
  7. This deal (again if it occurs) would notably highlight undervalued stocks like SYNA. My 2nd favorite Chip on the planet. IDTI and a few others will get positive attention as well.
  8. Lastly, does this finally kick start what has been an incredibly quiet year for M&A??
Bottom line, this is a monster deal and would be pretty "monopolistic" in my view. But anything is possible and QCOM is definitely undervalued enough to garner buyout attention. Let's see what happens. As of writing I've not sold any of my decent sized core position, but I'm definitely thinking about trimming some.

Long -- qcom syna

PIVX +114%
16:04 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader Crypto Portfolio: PIVX Color
  • Noted earlier today that I was adding privacy coin Pivx (PIVX $2.06) to my Crypto Swing portfolio. I wanted to add some additional color and also highlight it as a trading oppty.
  • I think that privacy is one of the most under-appreciated elements of the blockchain.
  • As I shared with you yesterday, with Bitcoin every transaction is visible in the ledger.
  • If you know my wallet address, you can see exactly how much Bitcoin I have in it.
  • This privacy theme is why I was piling into XMR over the weekend in the low-$50s. It ran as high as $130 on Monday morning (currently trading at $91.00).
  • With privacy coins one is able to cloak their identity. Some of the coins allow a person to decide if they want to cloak with each transaction, while Monero is always in "cloak" mode. Monero has become a preferred coin of the "darknet."
  • PIVX is probably about number four on the list of privacy coins. I think it is originally a fork of DASH. Money has been flowing into the Privacy group the past few days.
  • PIVX has lagged the move, but is demonstrating some relative strength today.
  • Long-term I like Zcash (ZEC $233 mkt-cap $471 mln) a little better than PIVX (mkt-cap $112 mln). ZEC announced a partnership with JP Morgan that makes it likely that ZEC could be a solid number three player in the space over PIVX and also possibly move ahead of Monero over time if institutions start to adopt blockchain technology and don't want to see every transaction they make show up in the ledger. I'd like to see Zcash pull back a bit before adding (I was long over the weekend but sold most of it on the sympathy spike with Monero).
  • PIVX has lagged the move in the space and is showing signs of possibly playing some catch up short-term.
10:07 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader Crypto Update -- Locking in profits on remaining 1/3 of PIVX crypto position for +114%.
  • We continue to see strong money flow into privacy coins. Today, PIVX (+50%) is breaking out to new all-time highs.
  • See original entry.

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