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VelocityShares 3x Long Crude Oil ETN (UWT): +23%

Scalp Trader traded a bounce in Crude Oil for an average profit of +23% using the 3x Crude Oil ETN.
15:41 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader: UWT Swing Long -- Initiating a swing long in UWT here, which is the 3x Long Crude Oil ETF, as WTI plunges under $47 bbl. Starting with a 1/3 position and risking approx. 2 pts. (9.90 -2.17)
09:31 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader: UWT Swing Update -- Adding another 1/3 to the position and adjusting stops to $7.00 area. This takes the position to 2/3 normal size. (7.95 -0.27)
11:20 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader: UWT Swing Update -- Trimming 1/3 of the UWT Swing Position for approx. +11%. Stops to remainder to $8.92 avg entry price. (9.97 +1.07)
09:32 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader: UWT Swing Update — Trimming another 1/3 of UWT swing long for +15%. Stops on final piece still at $8.92 avg entry price. (10.28 +0.60)
09:31 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader: UWT Swing Update -- Taking profits on 1/2 of remaining UWT swing position for +38%. Stops remain at $8.92 avg entry price. (12.34 +1.02)
11:49 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader: UWT Swing Update -- Using this surge in Crude Oil to lock in profits on remainder of UWT swing position for +47%. (13.09 +1.77)
UWT is the 3x Long Crude Oil ETN.

Sage Therapeutics (SAGE): +23%

TrendTracker got long ahead of SAGE-217 data that confirmed its potential to be a blockbuster depression drug. The stock gapped up 48% in response to the data last week but he continues to hold and like the stock long-term.
12:35 ET
TREND TrendTracker: Buying a 1/2 size spec swing long position in Sage Therapeutics (SAGE) ahead of SAGE-217 data next month (106.93 -1.54)
Sage Therapeutics (SAGE) is a clinical-stage biotech company developing medicines to treat central nervous system (CNS) disorders.

This is a speculative long that could turn into a big winner if things play out, mostly SAGE-217 data expected in January.

Sage should get its first drug to market next year. The FDA is expected to approve ZULRESSO, the company's intravenous GABA receptor-modulating neurosteroid, for postpartum depression (PPD) early next year -- the FDA decision deadline (PDUFA date) is March 19. The FDA Advisory Committee voted in favor of the drug 17-1 last month.

More importantly, the company will report Phase III data for SAGE-217 in January -- the oral version of ZULRESSO, which would have much better market adoption. Positive results should send the stock soaring and would potentially put it on the map as a takeover target as it would bode well for the same drug in the pipeline going after major depressive disorder (MDD), a huge market. The February options imply a ~30% move in the stock.

I previously said I would stop speculating (gambling) on clinical data because I am not a scientist. Anything in the CNS space is especially difficult, but I can't help myself here.

The depression market is large and growing: MDD is the most common mental disorder in the U.S. with ~16 million American adults. So, there is huge potential.

If your risk tolerance is as high as mine, it might be worth speculating here at these levels.

SAGE shot up >60% one year ago on positive Phase 2 SAGE-217 data. The stock has retraced almost that entire move as biotech stocks have been out of favor.

Sage has a $3.9B enterprise value ex-$1.1B in cash; 7% of 45M share float is sold short.


"TREND - Great call on SAGE."

VelocityShares 3x Inverse Natural Gas ETN (DGAZ): +26%

Natural gas futures are often volatile. However, in recent weeks, it has displayed an extreme level of volatility. Wild weather forecasts came out in early November. These updated, new, weather forecasts were clearly forecasting that there would be a surge in heating demand, and therefore a surge in natural gas demand. Between 11/01/18 and 11/14/18, nat gas surged from $3.24/MMBtu to $4.84/MMBtu, or up 49.4%. Prices hung around in a relatively narrow range for a month and then between December 10 and December 31, 2018, nat gas prices fell from $4.55 to $2.85/MMBtu, as those weather forecasts didn't play out like originally expected.

In short, yes, nat gas fundamentals were bullish to some extent, but the early November rally was not expected to be sustainable. A parabolic move like that on near-term weather forecasts? Come on. No way that would ever hold. However, watch nat gas closely as over this past week, there was some very cold weather in the states with some forecasts calling for cold weather through the end of January, so with nat gas around $3.50/MMBtu, be careful. Commodities Trader wouldn't take any swing trades in nat gas at the moment.
11:19 ET
CMDTY Commodities Trader: DGAZ Long Position Update (64.15 -0.50)
  • Closing 1/2 of remaining long for now at a gain of $6.85
  • I might hold the last 1/4 overnight
09:32 ET
CMDTY Commodities Trader: CLOSING... DGAZ Long Position Update (72.06 +8.21)
  • Following the morning extension of losses, I'm closing the last 1/4 of my long here for a gain of $14.76 (+26%)
  • Even with nat gas back below $4.00/MMBtu here, I still want to keep this name on the short radar for now


"DGAZ - Great call. Thank you Commodities Trader!"

Direxion Daily S&P Biotech Bull 3x ETF (LABU): +32%

12:27 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader: LABU Update -- Going to trim 1/3 of the LABU swing trade on the +12% move. Tightening stops to $25.80 entry area. (28.98 3.76)
15:58 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader: LABU Update -- Closing out another 1/3 of LABU position for +20%. Stops on final piece at $25.80 entry. (30.87 +5.66)
  • Wow, that is some move across the markets today.
  • LABU is posting a gain of 21%, while S&P 500 is up 4.7%.
  • Don't see moves like this often. When you do, it typically means there will be more volatility ahead.
  • Taking advantage of price surge to scale out more position, on expectation that I'll be able to add again at lower prices.
09:39 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader: LABU Swing Update — Locking in profits on last piece of LABU swing long for +32%. (34.20 +2.47)


"Scalp--great calls on LABU today--thanks"

"Scalp-Thanks for the LABU defintely was the greenest today in percentage terms...I am out from 25 on 1/2 position...holding other half"

PG&E (PCG): +21%

On January 29th, Scalp Trader got long PCG in pre-market for a short-squeeze trade following PCG's highly-anticipated bankruptcy announcement. He was able to realize profits of as much as 21% on a portion of the trade.
07:48 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader: PCG Scalp Long -- Going 1/2 size and risking about 1.2 pts
  • Bankruptcy filed as expected, yet stock down just 3% at $11.65.
  • I'm thinking we may see a price squeeze here given that date of the bankruptcy was so well-advertised, which means lot of people may have gotten Short in anticipation of a post-bankruptcy plunge in price.
08:18 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader: PCG Update -- Trimming 1/2 of position for +1.80 pts. PCG trading at $13.45... stops to $11.65 entry
11:23 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader: PCG Update -- Locking in profits on 1/2 of remaining PCG pre-mkt scalp position for +21%. Moving stops up to $12.30 area. (14.15 +2.14)


Tech Trader had ADTN on his radar since July. On January 23rd, he took a speculative long ahead of the company's earnings report (based on a low risk to reward ratio). Three trading sessions later he took profits of 20%.
11:14 ET
TECHT Tech Trader: ADTN Ahead of EPS (11.98)

I'm going to be taking a Spec. long on ADTN (current price of $12) into tonight's print. I like the risk/reward here given how sharply the stock has fallen since the Fall highs around $19. I'm not really making a call for any big ADTN beat/raise type QTR. It's a call that my view is they could report sluggish or even ugly and respond as MU did. In fact, in 2-4 weeks I wouldn't be surprised if ADTN is 10%+ higher even on a miss. Moreover, if they report inline to a beat/raise QTR I think the minimum upside move is to the $15-16 area with room higher.

Long -- adtn
11:46 ET
TECHT Tech Trader: ADTN, Swapping some for TWTR (31.80)

I'm taking my +20% (3 day trade) on a good part of ADTN bought pre-Print. I'm flipping partial funds into TWTR for a quickie trade. Best guess is TWTR is being dragged lower due to FB. And on that point, I'm not sure how smart Selling/Shorting FB is ahead of a print where the bar has now been hugely reduced for the longs.

As stated a 100+ times, TWTR is taking share from FB with accelerating vs. decelerating Rev. growth so I prefer TWTR on any combo selling of the 2 names.

Long -- twtr adtn


"TECHT: IIVI, ADTN I took both of these pre-earnings on your recommendation. Thank you so much for sharing your investment ideas. I follow your opinions closely and have been very successful with them."

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