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The cryptocurrency space is the next big thing in our Scalp Trader's opinion (which is a theme he has been pounding home for the last six months). So many people are trying to get into the Crypto markets that several major Crypto brokers have stopped opening new accounts until they can upgrade their infrastructure. One of these brokers, Binance, has seen its daily exchange volume rise from under $100 million per day to as much as $10 billion per day in less then six months. They have had days in which they've opened 250,000 accounts.

It is reported than in 2017 over 100 hedge funds collectively raised more than $2 billion to invest in Cryptocurrency. There is no question that 2018 will dwarf that $2 bln figure. Crypto Index funds, futures, options, hedging, social investing/trading, banking, lending, social media platforms are all being rolled out or are already up-and-running. Scalp Trader doesn't recall seeing this level of interest in investing/speculating even during the Internet boom. That period in the late-90s was considered a bubble.

In time, Crypto may also be remembered as bubble. However, out of the '90s bubble came investment opportunities such as Amazon and Google and eventually Netflix, Priceline, Apple and Facebook. This will be the same. Moreover, during that period, the opportunity to make substantial sums in the market lasted for almost 4 1/2 years. (RLC) +445%

23:10 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader Crypto Notes: New position
  • On Bittrex, I'm initiating a 1/3 swing long in (RLC $0.88).
  • This company is looking to provide blockchain-based decentralized cloud computing.
  • As we've seen recently, blockchains have had great difficulty scaling. And, while smart contracts are all the rage, even ones used to create something as simple as virtual kittens massively bogs down the network. As a result, it is expected that many companies developing applications will utilize systems that allow their smart contracts to be run off chain. That's where comes in.
  • They provide distributed applications running on the blockchain (DApps) a scalable, secure and easy access to the services, data-sets, and computing resources they need.
  • RLC is trading at $0.88 on Bittrex.
09:59 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader: Adding another 1/2 position to the (RLC) crypto position
RLC is trading at $0.67 on Bittrex.
06:47 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader Crypto Notes -- Selling 2/3 of remaining (RLC) crypto position here for +445%.
  • RLC is spiking +80% in reaction to news that it has been listed for trading on Binance.
  • Fortunately, we purchased this name on Bittrex just before Christmas (entry 1, entry 2). Using this spike in price to take off most of the remaining position.
  • RLC is trading at $4.04 on Bittrex vs our avg entry price of $0.74. That's actually down from a high of $5.79. I was catching a little sleep when Binance announced the listing at around 1 am ET.

Ox (ZRX) + 880%

00:03 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader Crypto Notes: Using market drop to initiate 1/2 positions in two new Crypto positions
  • I'm buying privacy coin name Pivx (PIVX) at $3.88 on Bittrex.
  • Also buying decentralized exchange protocol, Ox (ZRX) at 0.21 on Binance.
12:09 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader Crypto Notes: Ox (ZRX) -- Trimming more of position for +200%. Stops on last piece at $0.21 entry price.
  • With Bitcoin (BTC) coming under pressure, I've decided to lock in more profits just in case we see a selloff across the Crypto markets.
  • ZRX trading at $0.63 on Binance.
10:35 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader Crypto Notes: Trimming 1/3 of remaining 0x (ZRX) crypto position for 880%
  • I still think this could have more upside from here, so maintaining some exposure.
  • Kyber Network (KNC +28%), which we purchased yesterday, is also starting to benefit from this recognition that exchange-related plays will be the major near-term beneficiaries of interest in Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies.
  • 0x (ZRX) trading at $2.06 on Binance vs our entry price of $0.21.

Genesis Vision (GVT) +785%

23:58 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader Crypto Notes: Using the pullback in price to officially add Genesis Vision (GVT) to the Crypto Portfolio
  • GVT is trading at $5.26 on Binance. Market-cap $20 mln.
  • See Nov 29 comment for color on name.
23:40 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader Crypto Notes: Taking advantage of market drop to add a 1/2 position to the Genesis Vision (GVT) crypto holding.
09:35 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader Crypto Notes: Taking profits on 1/2 of remaining Genesis Vision (GVT) crypto position for 785%
  • Investors are finally starting to recognize the value of this type of trading platform.
  • In case you missed it, I initiated a position yesterday (Saturday) in another trading/broker-related play -- Kyber Network (KNC). That position has already run 40% in our to comment
  • GVT is trading at $42.65 on Binance. I received a nice email from a subscriber this morning letting me know that he was able to sell at $49.

Stellar Lumens (XLM) +1260%
14:29 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader Crypto Notes: Locking in profits on another 1/3 of the Stellar Lumens (XLM) crypto position for +1260%... No, that's not a typo.
  • XLM is trading at $0.87 on Bittrex vs our entry price of $0.064.
  • XLM is now a top 10 coin, currently trading at #6 with a market-cap of $15.7 bln.
  • Given that Ripple (XRP) now has a market-cap of almost $120 bln, I still think XLM could potentially double or more from here.
  • The only reason I'm trimming the position is that I think Crypto markets are overheated short-term and I think we will get a chance to buy back into XLM on a pullback.
Now back to my vacation.

Riot Blockchain (RIOT) + 90%

09:49 ET
TECHT Tech Trader: Short RIOT (39.40)
Note: This is a high risk "structure" so caveat emptor and only cowbuy traders here -- Remember, Cowboys don't cry when they fall off their horses.

Ok folks, I'm short RIOT (it was +6 at the time, roughly 42.40) via shorting next week's $38 calls (collected almost $7 per contract). Again, this is a high risk trade so use appropriate size. But I like the short call here into the penny stock/bitcoin pump trade and man oh man was that LFIN interview just horrid. I'm not saying the CEO at LFIN is operating a get quick rich scheme but suffice to say that the interview last night gave me a "really really bad vibe" for that company. In fact, I'd rather be shorting LFIN than RIOT but RIOT is available to short via shorting the calls thus that's what I'm doing. As said, yesterday I'm also looking at a position short on OSTK and am a willing intraday shorter of OSTK, even though I like the name LT.

Short -- riot
13:04 ET
TECHT Tech Trader: Tech Vibes and Q&A
Ok let's hit the Q&A first.

TECHT -- There are two stocks in the growth portfolio that have pulled back a bit. ASYS and ESIO. With great earnings from MU, could these be a good buy? Like either one more than the other?

I don't like either of them as I don't like hardly anything in the Semi's period, save for my very much preferred -- QCOM SYNA AMBA and to a lesser degree CRUS and IDTI. Those are literally the only Semi's I like and would consider as longs for fresh money. I did like INTC a lot and wrote as such a few months back but it's ripped huge off the $34ish area where I was uttering those bullish vibes.

Moreover, the Semi's I like the least, IE., think are the best shorts are the Semi Cap equipment names. To that point, I'd put a name like LRCX in my FANG+4 camp. There's literally no way I would buy them. The lone exception/caveat being ICHR which I've traded and can make a valuation case for but if the group starts to trade poorly they will take ICHR with them. I might be early but that's my view and even if I'm wrong and there's still upside left to be squeezed out of the Semi Caps, then I'll say there's magnitudes more upside in my preferred Semi's. And that untapped upside also contains much less downside as well, esp. for names like QCOM and SYNA which got so washed out it's stupefying.

Tech Vibes:
  • RIOT -- The short is working nicely, I wish I had more of it. I can't value RIOT to even $4-5 and I've tried.
  • AYX -- I tried to grab it close to $24 but it bounced before I could get my price. I like $24 and lower on this one.
  • SYNA -- Speaking of SYNA, it's one of my Fav. Jan Effect stocks.
  • SPWR -- Ditto for SPWR.
  • OKTA -- This is the first semi-tough trading period for OKTA and I'm close to another add. This could be one of my big returners next year. In fact, I sorta have a "PYPL" type feeling towards it.
  • MULE -- Also acting like a tax loss victim. I have a note to add MULE in the last 4-5 trading days of the year.
  • FN -- I don't have any of this yet, but it's at levels I can easily buy and I don't think it has much downside from current prices. But as stated previously, I prefer FNSR, ACIA and others.
Long -- qcom syna spwr okta mule fnsr acia

Short -- riot
11:25 ET
TECHT Tech Trader: Q&A and Tech Vibes
TECHT -- What was your entry price on your RIOT short?

It was $42.40 as posted, see the note again, it's in there.

TECHT -- Do you have a trade range or a point where you would look to cover a OSTK short position?

Yes, right now I'd say a move to $50 or lower would have me covering as that's the area (45-50ish) where I flip back to start looking at the name long again. And closer to or below $40-45 is just that much better.

TECHT -- IYO does this commentary regarding ROADM orders out of CHL affect ACIA at all?

Yes, I would view it as an incremental positive. But remember that each of these large China telco's has it's own set of suppliers it favors. IE., all the China carriers, don't order from "all the suppliers". But given that the deal announced was ROADM based, I'd actually think that the new is more tilted towards FNSR than ACIA. The fact, that there is firming order talk in general is simply a positive for ACIA.

Tech Vibes -- Mostly Trading Updates Rapid Fire:
  • RIOT -- I just covered my short calls for 85-90% gains. I wanted to roll these down and out but the premium isn't that juicy on the $30's and lower for the expiry that I want to do. I'll wait (and pray) for a big bounce. But this one is feeling crispy fried cooked.
  • CRTO -- I sold my CRTO just now at $25.60 for a nice 10%+ in a very short period of time.
  • FNSR -- I rolled the CRTO funds into FNSR at $21.68. Per my note above on the LITE news.
  • MULE -- Darn it I missed buying MULE yesterday. Nice bounce today, but I'm marking that level yesterday as a prime buy zone for now.
  • ARDX -- A spec BIO I continue to like with a nicely improving chart. Note I said "Spec BIO" thus size accordingly.
  • DNLI -- Got seemingly good news but man they are just consistently Algo'ing this one lower. I don't feel that the Algo's are quite done pushing this lower but I think it's getting pretty close now. Maybe just hours to days away until the Algo's move on to greener pastures. I'll buy another tranche but I'm still in no hurry and frankly wished I'd held off on one of earlier buys.
There's a lot more but I'm going to update my Top 20 List later today and many names will be addressed in that attached list.

Long -- acia fnsr lite mule ardx

Qtum (QTUM) 230% and +360%

13:16 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader Crypto Notes: Locking in profits on last piece of Qtum (QTUM) crypto position for +230%.
  • The original purchase price on the QTUM position was $8.80.
  • This was an "Ethereum of China" play.
  • QTUM trading at $29.30 on Bittrex.
05:58 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader Crypto Notes: Locking in profits on remainder of Qtum (QTUM) crypto position for +360%
  • QTUM trading at $40.75 on Bittrex vs our entry price of $8.80.
  • The entry in QTUM was based on it being one of two coins that I thought was in best position to be adopted as the "Ethereum of China."

Longfin (LFIN) + 120%

LFIN surged over 100% in a few hours after TREND pointed out a breakout to new highs intraday -- the company acquired a blockchain microlender that morning. TREND followed up with some thoughts about the emerging crypto-craze phenomenon in the equity markets.
15:53 ET
TREND TrendTracker: Longfin (LFIN +350%) up ~120% since I pointed out the break out at $11 this morning... Some thoughts on the crypto-craze
  • Another insane move as traders pile into any blockchain-related equities, especially the newly-minted ones.
  • These 'blockchain' stock moves make the former marijuana stock surges look like they were only 'half-baked'...
  • After what has happened this week, I'm sure there will be more low-quality companies firing up the PR machine to jump on the blockchain train and light a flame under their stocks next week.
  • If you look at the fundamentals, it doesn't make much sense, so you have to (hold your nose and) view it purely as a momentum trade and follow the technicals.
  • On Monday morning I said: "Some of the more seemingly legit plays are OSTK (big bounce today), PRELF (has pulled back into support) and MGTI".
  • OSTK and MGTI took off but PRELF is still consolidating so I just bought a small position in it for a swing. PRELF represents Canadian HIVE Blockchain (HIVE.TO). It seems like a legit crypto mining operation, not as much of a 'pump and dump'. The market cap is CAD$900 mln or $700 mln.
Note that the total market cap of cryptocurrencies now stands at $540 bln, according to That certainly seems excessive. Any financial professional who is not involved in the market expects it to blow up soon. Clearly the % moves and market caps are loony, a bubble to a T, but whose to say it can't run to $1 trln total (before it all blows up) given that the entire world speculating in this market?? I'm wondering this myself... This is a 'greater fools' market so you need to make sure you are not one of the last people holding the bag.

Dash (DASH) +155%

11:58 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader Crypto Notes -- I'm going to lock in profits on 1/2 of my remaining Dash (DASH) crypto position for 155%
  • DASH trading at $925 on Bittrex.
Here are my original thoughts on DASH:
  • "Notable relative strength being witnessed in privacy coin DASH ($361, +7%)... DASH is my favorite privacy coin and probably my favorite Crypto. If this takes out all-time highs above $410, I think it will keep going. Personally, I added a bit of DASH yesterday in the $350 area based on the relative strength. I'd been hoping for a pullback, but price action suggests that maybe new all-time highs are on the way. Why do I like DASH? It addresses the privacy concerns that will become a major issue as cryptocurrencies become more widely adopted. In my opinion, DASH also has the best governance system. DASH builds community consensus before making any changes. This may not sound like a big deal, but it is. There is already talk that Bitcoin will see yet another fork in November because the community can't agree on how to move forward, meaning that there would now be three versions of Bitcoin. DASH is also building a Paypal-like platform that makes it easy to use/manage in everyday life, which is not something that really exists yet within the privacy coin space. And, unlike many major cryptos, DASH funds product development vs relying on community donations to pay developers."

Ethereum (ETH) +100%

11:00 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader Crypto Notes I'm closing out most of my Ethereum (ETH) position for over 100% profit.
  • Market is just feeling overheated.
  • I'm holding onto approx. 1/4 of the position just in case the party keeps going.
  • ETH trading at $631.50 on GDAX.

Safe Exchange Coin (SAFEX) +140% and +250%

21:29 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader Crypto Trade: Selling 2/3 of the remaining Safe Exchange Coin (SAFEX) crypto position for +140% from avg entry.
  • Keeping on a small piece in the event that SAFEX (+35%) is able to extend this momentum.
  • SAFEX currently trading at $0.024 on Bittrex with a market-cap of $51 mln.
22:14 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader: Crypto Trade: SAFEX continues to surge. I'm locking in profits on the last piece here for approx. +250%.
SAFEX trading up 94% today to a price of $0.0344 (on Bittrex). Market-cap now $73.8 mln.

Blocktix (TIX) +230% and +380%

18:16 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader Crypto Update -- Taking profits on Blocktix (TIX) position for 230%
  • On Nov 3, I noted that I was buying Blocktix (TIX) on Bittrex for $0.164 as a momentum play.
  • Didn't see much move in the price for a couple of weeks, but today TIX has soared 230%.
  • I've locked in profits on 7/8 of my position. Holding a small piece just in case price action gets even more ridiculous to the upside.
  • Seeing some surprisingly large trades go off in this coin. Volume over the past 24 hours has reached $26.5 mln vs a normal avg of $150,000-200,000.
  • TIX is trading with a $0.54 bid on Bittrex, up 230% from entry price.
16:26 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader Crypto Notes -- Closing out the remainder of my Blocktix (TIX) crypto position for 380%.
  • I closed out most of the position on Nov 23 for 230%. Now wishing that I'd kept more on or reloaded on the pullback.
  • TIX is trading at $0.792 on Bittrex vs my entry price of $0.164.

Dash (DASH) Swing Long +40%

10:35 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader Crypto Notes: Picking up some DASH crypto here for a short-term swing trade... Going 1/3 size
DASH trading at $471
15:00 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader Crypto Notes: Selling 1/2 of remaining DASH trading position for +40%
  • This is the position we picked up on Feb 5 at $471.
  • Still holding a piece of the Core position that was purchased at $361.
  • DASH is trading at ~$659 on Bittrex and Binance.


"Alt-Coins $15,000 a couple months ago is now $113,000. I just took out $4000 to buy 2 tickets to the National Championship game tomorrow. Spent $4000 for two tickets tomorrow but well worth it. Thanks for all you do. You got me into it. You guys get the credit."

"Well I’ve been very conservative with crypto but have still tripled my investment since Aug last year...I really appreciate your help with the crypto stuff. Many Thanks!"

"SCALP You've made so much $$$ and been kind enough to share your knowledge. Thanks for including the rest of us in your wealth of knowledge and experience. I wish I moved on more of your ideas."

"I just wanted to send you a short note of thanks and appreciation for identifying the opportunity in crypto and for showing the leadership to get your subscribers involved. I had a record year in 2017 that pays for my subscription for many years..."

Options & Futures Trades

Alibaba (BABA) + 10 pts/Long Feb 180 Calls +60%

09:40 ET
BLUEX Blue Chip Trader -- BABA Swing Long Candidate (186.64 +2.66)
  • Nice lift above 4-day resistance along the 185 area, worth a try on the Long side here for a potential run up ahead of its Feb 1 earnings.
  • Long some here in the 185/187 zone, risking about $4.
  • Option Buyers consider the Feb 180 Calls for 11.50 or less.
11:02 ET
BLUEX Blue Chip Trader -- BABA Swing Long Follow up (190.58 +6.56)
  • Nice strength this morning as price rallies strong out of its recent pullback for a move back up to 3-month highs along the 190/191 area for a +4 point gain (Long Feb 180 Calls +20%).
  • My initial risk was 4 points, so trimming a small piece off here as it battles against resistance is warranted.
  • I don't want to see today's progressed reversed anytime soon, so stops on balance raised up to this morning's lows around 183/184 zone.
  • Ideally, this momentum continues for a breakout into new high ground, but I wouldn't be surprised to see price consolidate up here for now.
09:47 ET
BLUEX Blue Chip Trader -- BABA Swing Long Follow up (196.46 +4.18)
  • Solid continuation of yesterday's strength for a breakout over 3-month resistance along the 192 area, currently good for a +10 point profit (+60% on the Feb 180 Calls).
  • Partial profits warranted...Balance stops tightened up above breakeven near 190 vicinity.

Square (SQ) +11%/Feb 36 Calls +90%

11:03 ET
BLUEX Blue Chip Trader -- SQ Swing Long (39.40 +1.31)
  • Buying 1/2 size here into this strength back above its 50-day ma resistance near the 39-level. Risking about $3.
  • This former high-flying software stock retreated -31% into year-end and appears to be on the mend.
  • Only 1/2 size here for now as the ideal entry point was earlier in the week around 36 when it rallied above the prior week's high.
  • Option Buyers consider the Feb 36 calls for around $4.50 or less.
09:38 ET
BLUEX Blue Chip Trader -- SQ Swing Long Follow Up - Adding (41.58 +0.74)
  • Inside day yesterday as price has been in a narrow range consolidation lately, currently trying to resume higher above 40/41 zone. (Pullback Long/Inside Day from TA Scans)
  • I'm Swing Long from 39's and looking to add more here into early strength. Overall risking a loose $2 or so.
15:45 ET
BLUEX Blue Chip Trader -- SQ Swing Long Balance Follow up (39.52 -1.73)
  • Price triggered some stops under the prior week's 39 low along the 50-day sma as suspected and is bouncing back a little bit.
  • I'm on the fence about dumping this one right now. I have an avg price around $40, so I'm still within my acceptable risk parameters to hold out a little bit longer to see how price reacts around this $39-area.
09:43 ET
BLUEX Blue Chip Trader - - SQ Swing Long Follow Up (41.85 +1.58)
  • Got a target raise to $64 at Nomura, which is more than 50% higher from current levels...
  • That bodes well for our recent sitting around in this Swing Long at the $39/40 zone (50-day ma) here in January.
  • I'm just sitting with it for now, still looking for some upside momentum to kick in up towards the 44/45 zone to consider a partial profit.
12:17 ET
BLUEX Blue Chip Trader -- SQ Swing Long Follow Up (44.51 +1.95)
  • Trimming a partial profit here as price reaches my 44/45 target zone on this morning's resumption of strength over 2-week resistance along the $43-level.
  • Good for a gain of approximately +4 points (Feb 36 Calls +90%).
  • Balance stops on rest around 42/43 vicinity. Next target the late Nov bearish gap near 47/48.

Nasdaq 100 Futures (QQQ) Short + 130 pts

The Sell-the-News Nasdaq short: While recommending mostly long-side investment exposure over recent months, Chart Trader managed to catch a short in the Nasdaq 100 futures that ultimately got 130 points into the money to close out 2017 following passage of the GOP Tax Reform package.
10:07 ET
CHART ChartTrader: Shorting some NQs at 6516.50 at half size, risking 10
Like QQQ short here with about 0.25 risk.
10:24 ET
CHART ChartTrader: Scalping a piece of NQs short here for about +15 pts
See 10:07, 10:17.
12:22 ET
CHART ChartTrader: Market Thoughts
As we discussed this morning premarket, it was a good idea to expect some pressure today. The Tax Bill vote is now finally a truly foregone conclusion. Yesterday's final revelations about everyone being on board in Senate ended any remaining drama. The market has run up maybe 8-10% over the past 3 months ostensibly discounting this outcome. Now we are starting to see some competition to position for a sell-the-news reaction. Since everyone seems to be expecting that move, it only makes sense that it would start to get traction ahead of the actual news.

I am short now in the NQs from about 30-35 pts above, and I have my stop wide at this point (6535) on remaining exposure after taking a couple scalps as we close in on the House vote, which is expected around 1:30 PM EST but could start earlier from what I understand. I want to make sure I can survive any quick spikes off the actual passage of the bill in the House. The Senate is expected to vote today at this point, rather than tomorrow. But, as noted above, both votes seem like formalities at this point.

The big point is this: we know exactly what's in the bill, and we know exactly how it will impact future financial results for just about every stock in the market. We also now know it will definitely pass. There isn't any uncertainty left to be converted into certainty. And that conversion process was the fuel pushing the market higher just about every day over the past couple months. All of that suggests we are possibly at an inflection today in the market that could produce at least a multi-day pullback.
16:01 ET
CHART ChartTrader: Some good pattern signals today for the Nasdaq short
Premarket today, I posted this chart. I said there was a good chance that the sloped resistance line was violated, but that it would be a good sign if the market then gave the level back up and closed well below it. Here is how that turned out.

We are still up against seasonality and other factors. But this is a good signal. Sitting up about +25 points on the remaining NQs short as we close today's session.
08:25 ET
CHART ChartTrader: Morning Notes... Getting our move this morning
I am technically on a scheduled vacation this week, but noted last week that I would be chiming in a little to update the Nasdaq short and to post the year-end Macro ChartBook.

So far so good on the NQs short... sitting now up around +70 pts on the position. Looking to trim a little of it in the 6420-6425 area. I may not post when this happens, so you're in charge of setting an alert or putting a limit order on the ladder as you see fit.
19:36 ET
CHART ChartTrader: Really not liking the lack of follow-through from this morning's gap lower in the NQ's... Going to Bank 60% of remaining position on the NQs short from last week here for about +53.00 pts
Still have a little left short. Will keep it in place with a stop at 6520 for now.


"Chart your read was spot-on! Merry Christmas"

Dow Futures Short (YMz7) +300 pts

ChartTrader shorted the Dow Jones futures in the late morning on December 5 after the tape started to show him some signals he associates with big sellers trying to unload some size without pressuring the market. This came after several major bullish catalysts, further suggesting the weak tape should be taken as an opportunity to play the pullback.
11:44 ET
CHART ChartTrader: Shorting some Dow Jones futures (YMz7) at half size at 24,468; risking 35 pts
Like a short in DIA with about 0.35 risk. Just based on a tape read here. Feels like this market is seeing some larger offers starting to step in and could be setting up for a check of that 24,400 area here.
12:11 ET
CHART ChartTrader: Dow futures short update -- scalping a piece, stops to 24,478 on the +30 tick move into the money
See 11:44.
12:32 ET
CHART ChartTrader: Banking another piece of the YMz7 short here for +65 ticks
There we go.
14:23 ET
CHART ChartTrader: Dow Futures short update
Sitting up about 80 pts on the short at this point. A true gap fill would pitch in another 140 pts. So, I'm very content right now to leave my stop back and let this try for something bigger given that relative strength/weakness is working in our favor with this index over the past couple hours. See 11:44, 12:11 12:32.
15:43 ET
CHART ChartTrader: Covering half of remaining Dow Jones Futures short (YMz7) here for about +150 pts
Closing in on gap fill. Will keep a small piece on overnight.
15:54 ET
CHART ChartTrader: Covering the remainder of yesterday's YMz7 Dow futures short here on the dive into the close for about +300 pts


"Nice trade! Can you go into more detail on why you put it on this morning? Thanks"


Schlumberger (SLB) +25%/Long December Options Calls +75%

Blue Chip Trader caught a +25% gain on the remaining Swing Long balance in about 1-1/2 months, AND a +75% gain on the Long Dec calls in JUST TWO WEEKS.
11:21 ET
BLUEX Blue Chip Trader -- SLB Swing Long/Bounce (61.67 -1.10)
  • Scaling back into this Oil Services stock here at 61/60 zone based on this morning's reversal off a fresh 52-week low, risking about $2 or so.
  • This stock has been very "whipsawish" the last 3-months or so, rewarding those that sold into Higher Highs and bought into Lower Lows (i.e. Broadening Pattern seen here). There's also some positive divergences with indicators like RSI, MACD, etc. when compared to the Oct low (which we had also bought for a solid +9% bounce).
  • Option Buyers consider the Dec 57.50 Calls for $4.50 or less. Option Sellers look into collecting the $1 premium on the Dec 60 Puts.
10:18 ET
BLUEX Blue Chip Trader -- SLB Swing Long/Bounce Follow Up (64.37 +1.52)
  • Energy complex seeing some early money-flow here to start December, helping lift our SLB up to the mid-64's for a +3 point gain (Long Dec 57.50 Calls +40%; Short Dec 60 Puts 85%)...
  • Partial profits into renewed strength warranted. Balance stops tightened up to breakeven.
  • Click here for my Daily chart and a look at the Broadening Triangle pattern that had me scooping up some on its mid-November weakness. Ideally, next target is 68/69, followed by 72.
10:51 ET
BLUEX Blue Chip Trader -- SLB Swing Long Balance Follow up (65.92 +1.19)
  • Nice continuation of Friday's momentum up towards the $66-level, good for about a +5 point gain (+75% on the Dec 57.50 Calls from $4.50 to $8).
  • Partial profits into extended upside warranted if possible. "Trim and Trail" from here.
  • Balance stop on rest above breakeven around 63-vicinity.

Netflix (NFLX) +19 pts/Feb 245 Calls +125%

NFLX had gapped up more than +10% on earnings and saw little selling pressure below the $250-level, warranting Buying into the resumption of strength the next day. More than 9 points were captured on the first day, warranting to hold for a swing. Another 10 points were gained on the continued momentum up to $271.
10:02 ET
BLUEX Blue Chip Trader -- NFLX Long (252.10 +1.81)
  • Almost no selling pressure after yesterday's earnings gap up.. Buying some here along the 252-level, risking about $5.
  • Option Buyers consider the Feb 245 Calls around $12.50 or less.
10:33 ET
BLUEX Blue Chip Trader -- NFLX Long Follow up (258.10 +7.88)
  • That should be at least a +5 point gain on this morning's resumption of strength after the initial opening range was established around 252/250. (Long Feb 245 Calls +35%).
  • Partial profit warranted. Balance stops along this morning's lows at $250.
12:09 ET
BLUEX Blue Chip Trader -- NFLX Swing Long Balance Follow up (271.80 +10.50)
  • Trimming a partial profit here near 271/270 area for an approximate +19 point gain (Long Feb 245 Calls +125% from $12.50 to $28).
  • Balance stops on rest, tightened up above breakeven in the 255/260 zone for now. It's in "trim & trail" mode going forward.

Shopify (SHOP) +15 pts/Dec 90 Options Calls +110%

SHOP was spotted on the TA Scans page as a set-up with an “inside doji” pattern on the weekly timeframe that triggered an excellent Swing trading opportunity to get Long heading into the holiday shopping season.
10:10 ET
BLUEX Blue Chip Trader -- SHOP Swing Long Follow Up (116.50 +4.69)
This morning's jump to the 115-area is good for a +15 point gain (Dec 90 Calls +110% from $12 to $25) on our remaining Swing Long balance that we picked up just over a week ago at the 99/101 zone.
It's simply a matter of "trimming & trailing" from here, so partial profits are warranted if possible, along with tightening up the remaining balance stop to at least the 110-level.

December Crude Oil Futures (CLz7) +50 ticks

ChartTrader correctly anticipated a pullback in oil futures around two weekly data points and how it would provide a solid trading setup. The result was a long entry that ultimately provided for as much as $1.70 in potential gains for traders in under 4 hours.
15:23 ET
CHART ChartTrader: Oil will get API data today after the close...could create a buying opportunity in oil
If it is worse than expected, then we will likely trade a little off, but move lower tomorrow morning in front of EIA data, which could kneejerk lower again. That would be the buying point. This trend is not being driven by inventory changes happening right now. But there are always traders who trade that data at face value. So bearish reactions to immediate data inputs will likely represent the opportunities. I don't think there is any way this is going to be able to avoid a test of 60-61. So, hopefully we will get some help this afternoon and tomorrow AM.
16:51 ET
CHART ChartTrader: Note, API data out on oil at 4:30. Showed a smaller draw than expected
Oil tumbling a bit as suggested in the 15:23 post. Hopefully, that will set a negative tone for oil trading in front of the EIA data tomorrow morning at 10:30 AM. And then, hopefully, that will be worse than expected data as well, and we can buy the kneejerk dip.
10:36 ET
CHART ChartTrader: Buying some Crude Oil at 56.49; risking 25 ticks
For those with no access to futures, one play would be buying UWT in this 21.00 area with about 0.30 risk.
10:45 ET
CHART ChartTrader: Traders will be shorting oil here because production number was new record for US...I think we will push this back up and squeeze them out here
It feeds the narrative that oil above 55 will spur massive jump in shale production, which maintains the 40-55 trading range. I think this breakout is for real, so that short interest just becomes fuel for a squeeze if we get this back above 57. Refinery utilization strengthening, and will strengthen a lot more given the big draws in gas and distillates. Should maintain the uptrend.
11:01 ET
CHART ChartTrader: Crude Oil long update -- stops to 56.45 on the +35 tick move into the money
See 10:36, 10:45.
11:30 ET
CHART ChartTrader: Banking a little of Crude Oil long here for about +50 ticks
Would like to have at least a decent piece in place for a swing with 60-61 target in mind.


"Great trade Brett, I actually made money on the short following last night data and cleared it before EIA & went long with you. Great."

"CHART: first, hats off to you for your insights on the long-end of the Tsy curve being impacted by ECB and BOJ QE. That's excellent value-add perspective that is deeper and more meaningful than the headline grabbers at most other market sites... Thanks again for overall great color and insights!"

Nasdaq 100 and S&P 500 futures

As market volatility began heating up last week, ChartTrader (CHART) went on the Trader Audio live stream and explained how trading can be even more lucrative when volatility increases, provided you understand which tools to use and how to use them.

He shorted the Nasdaq 100 futures (NQh8) on Monday for as much as 80 points in profit, then covered, and got long the S&P 500 futures very late Monday evening, eventually banking as much as 170 points in profit on the subsequent bounce following Monday's crash.

CHART exited this bounce position very near the highs on Wednesday and then got short again in the Nasdaq 100 the next morning for as much as 100 points of profit. He then rounded out the week with another 120 points and 32 points of profits on the short side in the Nasdaq 100 and S&P 500 futures on Friday morning.

That represents five futures trades yielding a collective reward-to-risk ratio of more than 8:1. Hypothetically, a trader taking these trades with a single contract in each case, using suggested stops, and holding that contract until ChartTrader fully exited each position, would have made $16,100 with just $2,040 cumulatively at risk.

14:00 ET
CHART Out of NQ's for a minute ... will let it cycle through... will go back after it on a break back under 6705
This still needs to wash out as I see it.
14:00 ET
CHART Q&A on bias
Q: CHART the market is down 400 points why are you getting short here?

A: As noted, I have been shorting off and on in quick momentum scalps and plan to continue that strategy until we see something that feels like a real washout. I apologize for not being able to post earlier due to technical issues on our system. This is a trend-following strategy keying off the VIX deleveraging I discussed on our Trader Audio earlier today. We still haven't seen any put/call ratio spikes, which is the signal I'm looking for to flip directional bias.
14:58 ET
CHART Would cover remaining NQs short here for about +80 pts
Now I think we're starting to see some panicky action.

23:31 ET
CHART Buying some ESh8 at 2535 at 1/4 size, risking 17 pts... tester position
May have to take a few shots like this tonight. But should be able to get something on that will stick at this point. Really don't mind a trial-and-error process here. Stop is just above the 5% limit down stoppage price. I don't want to get caught holding on a limit.
04:49 ET
CHART S&P futures long update/thoughts
Up as much as 110 pts on the trade at this point, and already to the area I thought we might see today (Tuesday)... I wouldn't be surprised to see a choppy session that bounces around between 2575 and 2660. But my mental model for this pattern at this point has me ideally targeting between 2725-2775 later this week, and I want to hold for that unless or until I start to see some things that really don't mesh with that conception of the pattern. See 23:31, 00:20, 2:12.
05:54 ET
CHART Q&A on S&P futures contracts and monetary implications of movement
Q: Chart Trader- How much money is that long S&P trade worth- up 110 pts, say for 1 contract?

A: The ES (emini S&P 500 futures) is worth $50 per point per contract. So, if you bot just 1 contract and it ran 110 pts higher, you would be up $5,500. The risk I took on the trade was 17 pts upon entry, which would translate to a loss of $850 if you took the trade on a single contract and it got stopped out.
15:10 ET
CHART ESh8 Long Update -- Banking half of remaining S&P futures long here for about +155 pts as we hit underside of target zone
10:34 ET
CHART Closing out the Swing Long in ESh8 (S&P 500 futures) for about +170 pts on this last piece as we hit upper area of revised outside target zone.
We may go a bit higher, but this is well within my target zone, so I'll take it. (Remember, though, I am also still broadly exposed long to risk assets in an unleveraged investment portfolio, so I am not completely without market exposure. This is me taking off the additional leveraged long exposure).

10:26 ET
CHART Back short NQ's at 6566; risking 15 pts
10:29 ET
CHART NQ's short update -- banking a piece here for about +25 pts; stops to 6570... Next target would be around 6500 if we see the levels break here
See 10:18, 10:26.
10:52 ET
CHART Banking half of remaining NQ's short position here for about +70 pts
Will keep a little on and let it try to run big.
11:34 ET
CHART Just closed out last piece of NQ's short for just shy of +100 pts
Very nice breakdown. See premarket notes for thoughts/model helping with shortside conviction on intraday patterns in this market.

09:59 ET
CHART Shorting some NQ's at 6411; risking 15 pts
10:04 ET
CHART Scalping a piece of NQ's short here for about +30 pts
10:35 ET
CHART Going to add a short in the S&P futures (ESh8 - March contract) at 2602.50; risking 7.00
Like a short in SPY with about 0.70 risk.
10:48 ET
CHART Closing out NQs short here for about +120 pts
Still short ES.
10:49 ET
CHART And closing out ES short here for +32 pts
This was my target.


"Never any confusion here with your trades my friend...that es long was an excellent call"

"Beautiful trades. It's like watching an artist. I'm glad I follow you so closely. Thank you."

"CHART - pure genius!! LOL Best call and timing of the year!!!"

"CHART great NQ trade!!!"

"On your 8:27am comment...You do a great job."

Nasdaq Futures Swing Long +97 points

09:58 ET
CHART ChartTrader: Buying some NQ's at 6498; risking 15 pts
10:01 ET
CHART ChartTrader: NQ's long update -- Scalping a piece, stops to entry on the +20 pt move into the money
See 9:58.
10:21 ET
CHART ChartTrader: NQ's long update -- Banking another piece here for about +35 pts
See 9:58, 10:01.
13:46 ET
CHART ChartTrader: Banking another piece of the NQ's long here for about +50 pts on the breakout
Will let the last piece run.
08:29 ET
CHART ChartTrader: Going to close out the NQ's long position here for about +97 pts
Bumping into the 50-day simple MA here in the Nas 100 into the CPI print.

Chipotle (CMG) Swing Short +18 points/Long March 285 Puts +50%

10:59 ET
BLUEX Blue Chip Trader -- CMG Swing Short Balance Follow Up (255.82 -10.12)
Prices plunged under those Oct/Nov lows along 264/263 area for a solid +18 point gain (Long March 285 Puts +50%). It's just a matter of "trimming and trailing" from here on out. Remaining balance stop lowered under breakeven near 265/269 is prudent.

IPO & Crypto Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Trades

Altair Engineering (ALTR) +14%
IPOXX On January 3, IPO Trader published a new “The Next Big Thing” report and highlighted Altair Engineering (ALTR), a developer of engineering simulation software that went public on November 1, 2017. What caught his attention that day was that the stock was in the midst of a strong rebound off of a key support level and was threatening to break out to new highs. And that happened in emphatic fashion on January 9 and into the 10th with the stock jumping by 10% over these two trading sessions, and is now up 14% since IPO Trader's initial report.

Stitch Fix (SFIX) +69%

Trend Tracker liked SFIX as a disruptor in the retail sector heading into the IPO. It was not a well-received IPO out of the gate due its association with consumer-focused subscription service IPO flop Blue Apron (APRN) and concerns over competition from the likes of Amazon (AMZN). Trend Tracker saw value and bought it on the first day of trade. The stock surged higher within weeks in the face of the bearish sentiment.
10:31 ET
TREND TrendTracker: Buying half size postilion in SFIX at a reasonable valuation (17.87)
  • I'm surprised Stitch Fix (SFIX) was received so poorly -- priced 8 mln share at $15 vs. initial expectation for 10 mln at $18-20.
  • I guess the simple idea behind it is Amazon competition in addition to slowing growth, requires more marketing spending.
  • In the year ending July 2017, rev was up 34% to $977 mln, down from 113% rev growth in FY16.
  • In the IPO prospectus, SIFX preannounced Q1 sales up 25% with EBITDA of $~10 mln.
  • I think this we have a good oppty to buy a retail disruptor at ~1.5x this year's sales.
10:41 ET
TREND TrendTracker: Adding to the Stitch Fix (SFIX) Long position here half-size (17.11)
Now up to full size total.
09:55 ET
TREND TrendTracker: Selling 1/3 of the Stitch Fix (SFIX) Long for a 16% gain (20.25 +1.63)
I still think this could be a big winner but I'm locking in some gains above the 20 level here.
13:40 ET
TREND TrendTracker: Selling half of my remaining Stitch Fix (SFIX) Long position for a +69% gain (29.50 +4.88)
I have 1/3 size position left; willing hold it for a longer term swing. The valuation remains quite reasonable or even cheap if you believe in the long term viability/growth prospects of the company but competition and margins are a legitimate concern -- the massive short interest and tiny float have been a nice tailwind for the trade.


"Trimmed a 1/3 of my 1/2 size position with you for +35%"

"I took the rest off here pre-market at +65%..."

Appian (APPN) +115%
IPOXX On December 11, IPO Trader published a new "The Next Big Thing" report on recent cloud software IPO Appian (APPN). In the comment, he highlighted APPN as a “bounce-back” candidate as the stock slid down to a key support area. From a fundamental perspective, he pointed out that the company handily exceeded Q3 expectations, with revenue up strong double digits and with loss from operations improving sharply from the year ago period. A few days after the report, shares spiked higher, breaking above its 50 and 100 day moving averages. The rally continued on into January 5 with shares hitting new all-time highs, gaining as much as 115% from our post.

Roku (ROKU) +60%

On October 19, shortly after streaming TV leader Roku (ROKU) went public (9/28/17), Relative Value Trader initiated a position in the stock as shares had settled down following the volatile, whippy post-IPO action. Out of the gate, ROKU rocketed higher, gaining as much as 111% versus its IPO price, leading to some notable profit-taking over the following couple of weeks. When the stock found a floor in the $20 area, however, this represented an attractive opportunity to open a new position as most of the short-term IPO flippers had already exited the stock. From a fundamental perspective, ROKU was appealing due to the fact that more and more consumers are "cutting the cord" and moving to streaming TV services. Also, ROKU has a compelling "razor-razor blade" type business model in which it sells the TVs and hardware needed for streaming, which opens up the opportunity to sell higher margin content to these same consumers.
10:01 ET
RVALU Relative Value Trader: Shares of ROKU Continue to Rip Higher on Heels of Q3 Report; Selling Another 1/4 Piece to Lock in +60% (32.85 +3.65)
  • Been quite a ride for ROKU over the past couple days, fueled by impressive Q3 results, short squeeze, and a low float. Yesterday, I decided to take a quarter of my 3/4-size position off the table to lock in gains. Today, I am going to take another 1/4 off to secure gains.
  • ROKU now is just a 1/4-size position with a cost basis of $20.63. Moving stop up to $25 from $21.50 on this last piece.
  • Other RVALU Holdings: AYX, RDFN, FNKO, INST.

Dovu (DOV) +673%
IPOXX On September 29, in our “Week Ahead Report” for The Next Big Thing column, we published a preview for ICO Dovu (DOV). DOV’s mission is to be the world's first mobility cryptocurrency. The DOVU Protocol, which is built on the Ethereum platform, empowers data owners to control access to the data shared, while receiving value for the use of that data in return, in the form of DOV tokens. In our preview, we stated: “…What also stands out is that DOV has a solid management team in place, a major distinguishing factor among ICOs. Also, DOV has already successfully raised seed money from respectable institutions, adding more credibility. All in all, we feel that DOV has the potential to raise a significant amount of capital through its ICO and it could see strong interest when it begins trading on crypto markets.” Since its ICO, DOV has gained as much as 673%.

bitJob (STU) +230%
IPOXX On September 15, in our “Week Ahead Report” for The Next Big Thing column, we published a preview for ICO bitJob (STU). STU helps students earn a stable income with their free time, while engaging with digital currency. It takes conventional small-gig and freelance sites with the blockchain, creating the first hybrid blockchain project that enables peer-to-peer connection with employers and students. In our preview, we wrote, “With nearly $12 million raised so far, and with about another month to go before the closing date, STU is in good shape to raise a considerable amount of capital… All in all, STU could see plenty of interest as the amount of capital raised continues to climb, making it one to keep on the radar when it begins trading on exchanges.” Since its ICO, STU has gained as much as 230%.

Rivetz (RVT) +419%
IPOXX On September 1, in our “Week Ahead Report” for The Next Big Thing column, we published a preview for ICO Rivetz (RVT). RVT is focused on cyber security, building a Global Attestation and Identity Network powered by its Rivetz Token. This Attenstation and Identity Network is designed to record and verify the health and integrity of any device using an RVT and blockchain technology. In our preview, we commented, “RVT has a lot going for it and we feel it is definitely one to take a look at. With an experienced management team and with the company already generating some revenue, RVT is about as "established" as it gets in crypto-land. Therefore, it's not surprising that demand has been so strong for this one and it wouldn't be surprising if it launched higher when it begins trading.” Since the launch of its ICO, RVT has gained as much as 419%.

Equity Trades

Roku (ROKU) +140%

Trend Tracker liked ROKU on the pullback ahead of its first report as a public company. The high short interest and reasonable valuation provided a great setup ahead of what he expected to be a strong debut quarter on Wall Street after a well-thought out IPO. He took profits after a strong quarter for +50% and then +89% and +140% as the stock squeezed the shorts.
15:12 ET
TREND TrendTracker: Buying a half-size position in Roku (ROKU) for a swing (18.84 -0.93)
  • I like the stock at these levels, too (SCALP bought earlier today).
  • This Variety report about a foray into steaming content through its app (seemingly making it a competitor to Hulu or NFLX) makes this a much more interesting story.
  • In order for ROKU to avoid the fate of GPRO and FIT, Roku has to build out a business beyond selling its streaming device.
  • It has already done a good job of that: platform (subscription + advertising) revenue was up 95% Y/Y to $46 mln (almost half of total sales) in the second quarter.
  • For that reason, I like the stock at the current valuation (less than 4x sales or just under 3x FY18 sales estimates).
  • Roku mgmt seems to be making the right moves, so unlike what we saw with SNAP, I am expecting a solid debut when the company reports its first quarter as a public company on November 8.
  • A strong quarter should get investors excited about the stock... conservatively targeting ~20.50 and then ~22.
09:49 ET
TREND TrendTracker: Selling half of Roku (ROKU) position for +50% (28.64 +9.80)
12:50 ET
TREND TrendTracker: Selling final tiny piece of Roku (ROKU) Long here for a ~140% gain (45.34 +12.08)


"WELL DONE! I sold half for +50 and half for +100%"

Helios & Matheson (HMNY) + 50%

Scalp Trader took advantage of the secondary offering for a compelling entry in a potential growth stock. His first trim on the position resulted in a 50% profit.
09:46 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader: HMNY Swing Long -- I'm going to enter a 1/3 swing long in HMNY as well (EVENT also put on a position)..Will be looking to scale in and I'm risking about 1.5 pts (6.39 -3.69)
  • A secondary offering was the big thing that I'd been worried about.
  • Now that the company has cash to fund their venture for a period of time, stock should be able to work higher.
  • Also, Costco being on board brings a lot of legitimacy to the operation and should open the door to new partnerships.
14:16 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader Q&A -- HMNY (6.60 -3.48)
Question: HMNY -- With the high short interest, it would seem a real risk to hold this short overnite at these levels. But, there's been selling since 11:45. Seems like the $6.50 offering price should hold. I would guess a gap up tomorrow to squeeze shorts. What do you think? Thanks.

I've traded a lot of secondary offerings over the years and have found that the easy trades usually aren't that easy. This is why I'm scaling in with 1/3 positions, as it would not surprise me if Shorts break it through the secondary pricing level and flush new longs. That may not happen, but have seen it so many times, that I think it is best to scale into it and be prepared to take advantage of a potential flush.
09:47 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader: HMNY Swing Long -- Adding another 1/3 to the HMNY swing long position, bringing total position to 2/3 normal size. (5.73 -0.21)
09:46 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader: HMNY Update -- Trimming 1/2 of the HMNY swing position for 50% profit. Stops to $7.00 area (9.14 +1.98)
Our avg entry price on the position is $6.06...

NGL Energy Partners (NGL) +92%

The Energy Sector continues to work through the collapse in Crude Oil prices. The uncertainty created by volatile Oil prices has provided us numerous opportunities over the past three years. In this case, Scalp Trader was able to pick up a 16.7% yielder that has now generated a return of over 90%. We also made 70% on our money writing Put options on the name.
12:24 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader New Position in Personal Portfolio
  • Wanted to point out that I'm a buyer of NGL Energy Partners (NGL 9.35 +0.30) today.
  • Note that this is a MLP, so if you buy it, there will be a K-1 coming your way.
  • Also, this is not going in as a Portfolio position. This is a personal Investment that I'm making with plans to ideally hold for many years to take advantage of the depressed stock price and compelling yield.
  • I like it enough to put into the portfolio, but given that I'm looking to sit on this for many years, I didn't think it made since to place NGL into my more active portfolios. I also feel that NGL is a bit too speculative to go into my Yield Portfolio. I've started off with a 40% position in the name and will be hoping for weakness in order to add.
  • At current price of $9.37, NGL yields 16.7%. Company has suffered through some execution issues the past couple of quarters. However, NGL is still targeting 1.3x distributable cash flow coverage for this year.
  • Recent comments by RBC Capital Markets are very much in line with my thinking on the name at these levels:
    • RBC Capital Mkts lowers their NGL tgt to $14 from $20. RBC notes, continued Refined Products pressure more severe than expected; they lower estimates. Stock reaction (off 20%) understandable, but they think it's overdone; current 15%+ yield implying distribution at risk again. If NGL anywhere close to lower expectations, distribution is safe and stock looks cheap at 5-7x P/DCF. Getting credibility back through execution is key.

    • These comments were made by RBC on Aug 4 in reaction to co's most recent earnings report. The stock fell to $9.25 from $12.80 in reaction the report. That is after having already crashed from $25 since January.
10:06 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader: NGL Options Trade
  • I'm initiating a Short Put position in NGL Energy (NGL 10.65 +0.10).
  • Selling the Nov expiry $10 Puts for $0.70.
  • Already generating about 17% yield on the common units in NGL. With Oil prices continuing to edge higher, I think NGL will steadily make up lost ground.
  • I'm personally starting with 10 contracts and will look to build on weakness in the stock price.
12:05 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader: NGL Short Put position -- Taking profits for 70%
  • I've decided to lock in profits on the Short NGL Nov $10 Put position ahead of next Tuesday's earnings report.
  • I'm not necessarily expecting a bad qtr, but NGL has disappointed the last couple and the stock has had a decent run off recent lows. Moreover, have plenty of exposure to NGL through the common units.
  • Thus, with most of the meat off the bone of this trade, I'm taking profits.
  • After selling the Puts for $0.70, I was able to buy them back for $0.21, translating to a 70% profit.
13:21 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader NGL Swing Update -- Closing out 1/2 of my NGL Energy Partners swing position for +55%. (14.20 -0.10)
  • I believe price has reached short-term fair value, so I'm going to lock in profits on 1/2 of the position.
  • Have an entry price of $9.35 and have collected one quarterly distribution of $0.39, bringing total profits to 55%.
  • Stops on remainder of the position to the $11.00 area.
  • Current yield is 11.9% vs the 16.7% yield we are receiving at our entry price.
10:41 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader: NGL Swing Update -- Trimming 1/3 of remaining NGL position for +92% profit (17.55 +0.35)
  • This is a MLP that we purchased at $9.35, which at the time was a 16.7% yield.
  • Price was clearly oversold at the time despite the co having a couple of disappointing qtrs.
  • The name has now surged 86% from our entry price and we've also picked up a 4% quarterly dividend distribution, bringing our total gain on this piece to 92%.
  • Raising stops to the $13.00 area.
  • Note that the record date for the next distribution payment is Feb 6. I think some of the recent price appreciation may be due to investors positioning for the quarterly payment. Hence, I'm okay trimming some here so close to the record date, as I would expect price to pullback post-distribution.

Direxion Daily Energy Bull 3x ETF (ERX) +35%

Blue Chip Trader caught as much as a +35% gain in just four weeks time on the remaining “trailing balance.”
10:12 ET
BLUEX Blue Chip Trader -- ERX Swing Long (31.26 +0.32)
  • I've been bullish on Energy the last few sessions and liking the group for a lift higher during the latter half of December based on its strong seasonality.
  • Too many names to choose, so I'm going with this 3x-weighted Energy ETF, ERX here around 31.25 area, risking abut $2 for a Swing Long.
  • Ideally, we'll get a breakout above 2-month highs above the $33 level.
10:04 ET
BLUEX Blue Chip Trader -- ERX Swing Long Follow up (32.92 +0.55)
  • Solid follow-through to yesterday's breakout momentum so far this morning... good for an approx gain of +1.75 points.
  • A partial profit is warranted into strength if possible as reward nears our initial risk of $2 on the trade. Balance stops tightened up towards the 30/31 zone is prudent.
  • Early Point Gainers in the Energy complex (XLE, OIH, XOP) here include CVX +2, FANG +1.50, and CLB +1.50.
12:02 ET
BLUEX Blue Chip Trader - - ERX Swing Long Follow Up (34.25 +1.88)
  • Stellar breakout in the Energy complex this morning, making our Swing Long in ERX good for a +3 point gain at its clears the 34.25-level.
  • Partial profits into strength is warranted; balance stops at breakeven zone near $31.
  • Note a little bit of "sector rotation" mixed with a strong seasonality and prices lifting out of its recent pullback/inside week were the reasons I favored this group as a long earlier this week.
13:15 ET
BLUEX Blue Chip Trader - - ERX Swing Long Follow Up ( 41.90 +2.69)
  • Solid extension higher of its multi-week uptrend today...hitting $42 is good for a gain of +10 points (+30%) on our remaining Swing Long balance from $31 on its mid-Dec breakout.
  • Partial profits into renewed upside is warranted if you can.
  • It's simply about "trimming and trailing" for me at this stage. Balance stops around rising 10-day ma near 38 for now.
  • Click here for my Daily ERX chart.

Nordstrom (JWN) +30%

The retail sector was beaten down for most of 2017 as a competitive environment led to promotions and poor margins. Event Trader went into the trade in mid-November as a swing through the holidays. His thesis was that the strong jobs environment and some signs of growing wages would lead to increased spending over the holiday season. This would lead to buying in the retail space.
08:47 ET
EVENT Event Trader: Also piling on TRENDs retail comment from earlier (8:30am), I will be looking at a Long in JWN today, early thoughts are this will be a swing into the Xmas holidays (39.97)
10:55 ET
EVENT Event Trader: Taking 1/2 off JWN Long here for approx 18% profit (11/12 entry); Have about 1/3 of the position remaining and will move my stops to $43 to lock in profits on that piece (47.32 +1.97)
JWN has been enjoying a nice bounce back on:
  • Turnaround in sentiment in the retailer space as early signs point to a strong holiday shopping period.
  • Retailers will be a key beneficiary of the tax reform as the space pays some of the highest rates in the entry.
10:08 ET
EVENT Event Trader: Taking the remaining piece of my JWN Long here for approx 30% profit (1/3 of position was left after taking the trade on 11/17 ahead of the Holiday season) (52.19 +2.09)

Twitter (TWTR) +50%

Tech Trader's thesis on TWTR (from roughly 15-17ish) was simply that the company was massively under-valued at that level and is "still" undervalued at notably higher price levels. He can easily value the name into the low/mid $40's and sees potential for potentially 100B Mcap over time.
13:25 ET
TECHT Tech Trader: Tech Vibes

TWTR -- Nice extension higher. The stock is now where I thought it should have been the day after earnings. Again, if you believe TWTR was "actually worth" $14-15 then you have a lot to learn. Many stocks are not trading anywhere close to what they are worth. I think the coming months and QTR's will end up teaching people a lot of lessons about just how skewed 100's of names are and have been. Both on the low/beaten undervalued side as well as the massively over hyped, overvalued and "over owned" side...
13:01 ET
TECHT Tech Trader: Tech Vibes, TWTR's Next QTR in the BAG??
So before I get all Bullish on TWTR and a couple other names, I must usher my "Sentiment Warning" again. Yes, it's the end of the year. Yes we have the "I'm now a Crypto Dot Co." company names putting in nutty upside moves and yes we still have a bullish FED and Macro Econ outlook. But we are also at that NYMO level (or close to it) where these out of nowhere flash corrections from all year long have emanated from. So just heed that warning for what it is. As it has worked every time this year -- and that's the Elevated NYMO has = short sharp selling.

So now onto my names of note:

TWTR -- 2 upgrades today and my chart work is marking the $32 area (give or take 2pts) as the next major upside level. Pretty staunch resistance sits at $25ish but I think that breaks now as the next couple QTR's have increasing/improving visibility now. My work has shown for some time that TWTR is done lowering Ad rates and will hold and even possibly raise them. While many have cited all sorts of reasons for TWTR's demise, I'd note that TWTR lowering Ad rates by 65-80% in total have had a lot more do with the lack of revenue growth than any other single factor. Now we could talk about all sorts of reason why Ad rates dropped that much. But suffice to say, I'd would assert that "JACK" now has TWTR is very good position (might we even call is SQuare like?), to re-accelerate REV's for a potentially sustained period of time. I still think this will trade at a massively higher MCap then SNAP in coming mths/Qtr's/Yr's...
14:58 ET
TECHT Tech Trader: Tech Vibes Rapid Fire
TWTR -- Acts great, as previously stated, there's potential for an additional pre-EPS push. How ironic is it going to be if we see most of the analysts come in with "fresh buys" above $30 or $34 or $38 etc... Moreover, there's loads of bullish option activity on the name -- if you believe in that sort of thing. My view (and stats), support that mega ST Bullish option activity is usually ST negative for a stock. However, there are times like this, IE., when a company is a few weeks from reporting where options can be more useful and if nothing else imply greater future Vol. in the name to come. And I do think that is TWTR next stage. Big moves, wider trading ranges, more Vol., which could result in a long term upward sloping channel with a pretty wide range from the top to the bottom of said channel...

Redfin (RDFN) +33%

Redfin is possibly Tech Trader's favorite long-term growth investment. He views it very similarly to how he viewed MU, AAPL and PYPL at lows 1-2 years ago. The only difference being that RDFN is a younger and smaller Mcap company and thus should have a loads more LT growth runway. One thing Tech Trader strives to find in his research (which has driven a lot of success) is finding companies with massive TAM's (Total Addressable Markets) where the company can increase their market share in that TAM for years or decades. AAPL GOOG WDAY SPLK SWKS are all great examples of this theme. And all had similar TAM profiles in their younger years. Tech Trader thinks RDFN has equal if not better growth potential to all those companies.
10:15 ET
TECHT Tech Trader: Quick Note RDFN (23.04)
I've added RDFN here this am at 23.04. I like the big pullback from highs, on what is I think one of the better IPO "companies" to come along in the last year if not longer.

Long -- rdfn.
14:15 ET
TECHT Tech Trader: Thursday EPS Preview
RDFN -- Last but not least is RDFN and coming out of the gate with their first report, post IPO, I'd suspect this one should be strong to very strong. I think this could be a key disruptor in their space and end up becoming a much much larger company in the coming years. Thus I could be a buyer on dips in this name for the next 3-4 YR's if not longer...
10:17 ET
TECHT Tech Trader: Taking Advantage of of Pops for Some Swaps (7.25)
RDFN -- Selling the last of my RDFN (30.68) as it's been a big winner esp. for the short holding period I've had it. And while RDFN is one of my Fav. names LT, I think it's been very juiced into YE and I feel highly confident that I can add this one back at lower prices. Moreover, it might fade a good bit into and post their ER in coming weeks...

VipShop (VIPS) +30%
FUNDX On December 19, Fundamental Investor called VIPS a possible breakout name for 2018 at $12.07. The stock is already up around 30% since then. VIPS is a Chinese online discount retailer that specializes in selling luxury brand name products via what are known as "flash sales," which are events where VIPS will offer deeply discounted merchandise for a short period of time. FUNDX got excited about the name after Tencent and announced they would buy a large stake in VIPS and grant VIPS an entry on the interface of Weixin Wallet enabling Vipshop to use traffic from Tencent's Weixin platform, and will grant VIPS entries on both the main page of's mobile app. Not only do they get a significant equity investment and at a very nice premium, they also get to partner with two major internet names in China to help boost their sales. It's also a vote of confidence that makes investors take notice of VIPS and think there is some good potential here with VIPS if these two big internet names like what they see. FUNDX has been writing about VIPS for years as a GROWX name so he knows the story well. VIPS has been struggling lately but he thought this news gets them back on the map.

Lands End (LE) +35%

Scalp Trader captured quick gains on a Retailer that had been left for dead. He recognized that the trend was starting to turn in the Retail Sector and that money was looking to flow back into strong/improving stories.
09:37 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader: LE Swing Long -- Strong report from retailer this morning. Using pullback from early highs to establish a 1/2 swing long position. Risking about 2 pts. This is part of my Long Retail theme. (12.80 +1.00)
10:20 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader: LE Swing Long Update -- I'm trimming 1/3 of the LE swing long for profit of approx. 17%. Stops to $12.80 entry on the remainder. (14.95 +0.95)
09:40 ET
SCALP ScalpTrader: LE Swing Update -- I'm going to lock in profits on last piece of the LE swing position for +35%. (17.25 +0.65)
Link to original entry.

Nabors (NBR) +15%

Commodities Trader's play on the oil and gas drilling space gained 15% as data finally indicates some improvement starting in this industry following the 2014 oil collapse.
14:43 ET
CMDTY Commodities Trader: NBR Long Position Idea (5.68 -0.18)

I'm taking a 1/2 long position here in oil and gas land driller Nabors Industries (NBR) as a swing long that I plan on hold for a while.

Nabors (NBR) owns and operates the world's largest land-based drilling rig fleet and are a leading provider of offshore platform drilling rigs in the United States and multiple international markets.

Nabors also provides advanced wellbore placement services, drilling software and performance tools, drilling equipment and innovative technologies throughout the world's most significant oil and gas markets. Total rigs- 453 (436 land rigs, 17 offshore). Working rigs = 212.

These increases were significantly offset by lower results in the Rig Services segment. Although Nabors Drilling Solutions (NDS) achieved a 28% increase in adjusted EBITDA, it was more than offset by lower results in Canrig. This resulted from an unexpected number of capital equipment cancellations and a larger number of delivery deferrals.

Co has some upside potential, earnings growth potential, both domestically here and internationally. With a focus on debt reduction, combined with some earnings growth potential, NBR may get some buying interest. And also, with shares easily below $6.00 here, I'm taking a 1/2 size long for now.
10:48 ET
CMDTY Commodities Trader: NBR Long Position Update - CLOSING OUT (6.53 +0.17)
  • Following recent price action, I'm closing my NBR long for now for +$0.85, or +15%
  • I'll following up on this name again. I plan on getting long again soon as well

IntriCon (IIN) +40%
FUNDX On November 24, Fundamental Investor profiled this little known name as an attractive swing idea at $16.25, it’s now up more than 40% since then. IntriCon is a supplier of miniature and micro-miniature body-worn devices focusing on three main markets: medical, hearing health and professional audio. In its Medical segment, IIN has a strong presence in the diabetes market via its partnership with Medtronic (MDT) to make their wireless continuous glucose monitors (CGM), sensors and accessories. Its Hearing Health segment provides miniature hearing aids and its Professional Audio segment provides miniature audio devices for use in aviation, fire, law enforcement, military and the performing arts. The stock has been ramping since IIN reported strong Q3 results in early November. Its Medical segment saw revenue jump 68% YoY in Q3, primarily driven by the continued ramp of Medtronic's MiniMed 640G and 670G wireless glucose monitoring systems. IIN remains very well positioned with Medtronic long-term. In fact, Medtronic expects to increase sensor production capacity by the spring, which should drive significantly higher sensor assembly sales in 2018. Also, IIN's Hearing segment got a boost on the legislative front when, in August 2017, President Trump signed the FDA Reauthorization Act, which includes the OTC Hearing Aid Act of 2017. The legislation will enable adults with mild- to moderate-hearing loss to access OTC hearing aids without being seen by a hearing care professional. Only a small share of Americans with hearing loss (around 14%) use hearing aids, primarily due to their high cost ($2,400/ear). This should provide greater public access to OTC hearing aids at a lower cost, which is great for IIN.

Alteryx (AYX) +44%

Back on May 17, Relative Value Trader opened an initial 1/2-size position in self-service data analytics software developer Alteryx (AYX). This was after the stock sharply pulled back, despite the fact that it reported an impressive beat-and-raise report only a few days prior to the trade. Taking advantage of these pull-backs would be a common theme for this holding as RVALU added a 1/4 on June 7 and August 2, making it a full position with a favorable blended cost basis. Over the course of the trade, AYX would post two more solid beat-and-raise reports with revenue clocking in at +50%. This ultimately created confidence in the company and stock -- as well as a potent catalyst. In fact, the trade on November 10 came on the heels of AYX's impressive Q3 report, which had the stock popping higher by 25% that day.
11:17 ET
RVALU Relative Value Trader: Some Thoughts on Alteryx (AYX) & Redfin (RDFN) Following Earnings; Trimming 1/2 of AYX Position for +44%

Alteryx (AYX):
  • After the close last night, the data analytics software developer reported solid upside Q3 results and provided Q4 EPS and revenue guidance that was above expectations. See last night's post @16:22. The report has shares popping higher by 14% on the day.
  • Not only were the headline numbers strong, but, so too were several of its other key metrics. For instance:
    • AYX added 231 customers in the quarter, following 258 adds in Q2 and 237 in Q1.
    • Revenue retention rate was very healthy at 133%, roughly inline with last quarter's 134%.
    • Operating loss improved to ($2.6) million from ($3.9) million in the year ago period.
    • Non-GAAP gross margin also improved sharply to 86% from 82%.
    • And cash flow from operations came in at a positive $748K compared to a cash burn of ($5.2) million.
  • One of AYX's more attractive qualities is that its revenue growth has remained very consistent, not tapering off like many recent tech IPOs. Specifically, revenue growth came in at 52% this quarter, 52% last quarter, and 55% in Q1.
  • Taking a look at valuation, with the jump higher today, AYX is trading with a 1-year forward P/S of 8.4x. That is pricey, but, I feel justified due to AYX's high double digit revenue growth, rising margins, and rapidly improving bottom line performance.
  • With the surge higher today, I am taking some off the table to lock in gains. Specifically, I'm selling 1/2 of my position for +44%. This leaves AYX as a half size position with a cost basis of $17.85.
Redfin (RDFN):
  • The news isn't quite as good for real estate tech/brokerage company Redfin (RDFN). It reported a mostly inline quarter and guided Q4 results inline -- which, for a high growth company like RDFN, is a disappointment. Rewinding to last quarter, RDFN just edged out the EPS consensus by a penny and revenue was merely inline. So far in its short history as a public company, it is tracing out a history of issuing results close to expectations. Again, which doesn't necessarily bode too well for a name viewed as a growth stock.
  • That said, there were a few clear positives to takeaway. Most notably, RDFN continues to take market share. For the quarter, RDFN gained 0.11 percentage points over last year to 0.71% of U.S. existing home sales. Also, site traffic increased by 38%, continuing on an impressive trend of active user gains as RDFN pads its lead as the most popular online real estate site.
  • RDFN's growth catalysts remain ahead of it and there is momentum underlying its business. There is plenty of room for market penetration, and, Redfin Now continues to gain traction. During the call last night, management said that over the next 6-9 months it will make a decision on whether to invest more fully in that business, or, to partner with a another company on it. The trend for Redfin Now has been positive, so, I'd be looking for it to ramp up efforts over the coming quarters.
  • RDFN is a full-size position with a cost basis of $24.44 (-X%). At this point, I don't have any plans to take any actions. But, I am setting a stop at $19.50 for downside protection. Overall, I believe the growth story remains in tact. However, it's performance vs. expectations has admittedly been a bit disappointing so far.

Sientra (SIEN) +84%

TREND saw opportunity in a turnaround story in the hot aesthetics space.
10:36 ET
TREND TrendTracker: Selling one-third of my Sientra (SIEN) swing long for +84% from my average entry (16.05 +0.61)
I still like this stock but it seems prudent to take some profits here.

Match Group (MTCH) Swing Long +140%
15:24 ET
TREND TrendTracker: Selling another 1/4 size piece in my Match (MTCH) swing long for +140% (39.37 +1.38)
Still like this stock longer term; down to a 1/2 size position.

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