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Get the ultimate day trading tool, featuring trading ideas with specific entry and exit points, technical scans & set-ups, all delivered on our fully customizable platform that puts the trader in control, allowing users to easily follow pre-defined, proprietary trading styles.

Our team's exclusive trading ideas and strategies will help you maximize all of the fresh, new opportunities that the markets have to offer!

Trading Ideas: Intra-day Trades
Set-ups based on technical, momentum and relative strength triggers, with a holding period of 1 to 6 hours.


Briefing Trader Team
Our team of expert traders, technical analysts, fundamental analysts, and commodities specialists cover a variety of asset classes and trading instruments. And they donít just provide ideas. They lay out strategies based on specific trading styles with frameworks to help guide you to the best, most profitable opportunities out there.

By posting under in-house custom tickers, our team makes it easy for you to follow and be alerted to their latest ideas and commentary based on specific areas of coverage and pre-defined trading styles.

ScalpTrader (SCALP)
Damon Southward, Chief Market Strategist: On an intraday basis, my trading focuses on information flow and volatility events. The first thing I do when considering an idea is to look at the 1-minute chart. This tells me if I'm early or late. If I feel that I'm early to the story and that the stock has legs, I play the Longside...[MORE]

ChartTrader (CHART)
Brett Manning, Senior Market Analyst: I'm in the intuitive/tape reading camp here. I work from the top down, tracking and trading patterns across asset classes...[MORE]
BlueChipTrader (BLUEX)
Scott Smith, CMT, Senior Technical Analyst:
I'm a combination of a Day and a Swing Trader, averaging approximately 2-5 trades each day, depending on...[MORE]
CommoditiesTrader (COMDX)
Mike Ciccarelli, Commodities/Equity Analyst: My main focus is in the commodities space, which includes energy, metals and agriculture (typically traded using...[MORE]
EventTrader (EVENT)
Gavin Maguire, Senior Equity Analyst:
As my ticker would suggest, I am an event-driven trader. I look for volatility spurred on by exogenous market forces that drive both...[MORE]
IndexTracker (INDEXX)
Erik Leff, Equity Analyst: I provide intraday color and commentary on the E-mini equity index futures and the index ETFs with a focus on key technical levels to help...[MORE]
Robert Reid - Senior Equity Analyst: While my main focus is identifying Small-Cap/Emerging Growth opportunities, I also provide deeper fundamental analysis, research, and color on breaking events in order to uncover...[MORE]
IPOTracker (IPOXX)
Dennis Hobein, Equity Analyst/IPO Expert: As the lead analyst on the Next Big Thing team, my focus is providing analysis of upcoming IPOs and spin-offs, as...[MORE]
Jim Busch, Senior Managing Analyst: I manage the fundamental and technical teams that publish Briefing.comís proprietary idea generation content. I also developed the quantitative systems behind...[MORE]

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