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“The audio addition has substantially helped me know more about what you feel, something about hearing tone, inflections and greater details.”

“This is what's beautiful about Briefing; Blue and Gavin are buying off the open, minutes later Brett calls a short, covered and short again. ALL of them were right...Amazing service. Love it. I love Briefing. Been a subscriber for three years.”

“Love the live audio stream. Helps so much. I'm on a trial but will sign for the full service because of the live audio and all the great information provided by the Senior Traders.”

“I listened 2 your comments very carefully today and I agree with the comments on trading size. I have been trading for 50 years and u must walk before u can fly, protecting capital is the most important thing a trader can do...Once again thanks 4 the group your comments took me many years to learn and lots of dollars until I grew up.”

“Really like the trader audio, helps me get a sense of who is behind the reports.”

“REALLY appreciate the insights and the practical view on it all. Taking emotion out of it all...whether market is up or down! Thanks!”

“I can't thank you enough for your commentary. Although I'm managing a lot of information, I can still listen often enough to have learned a lot as a trader...Thanks for explaining your thoughts so often.”

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