In order to trade successfully over the long haul you must focus on the processes that you can control - the setups, risks, money management, discipline, and patience.

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"I love your daily morning posts, and it's fascinating to watch your trades in real time.

Thank you for sharing such quality thinking."

"ChartTrader, thanks for the idea and thoughts on the Nasdaq Short, best trade of the year!"

"HTZ paid for my subscription today! Thanks!"

"Good catch of VRX by Scalp yesterday after hours. I give him lots of credit for that. Wanted myself to buy at 68 couple of times, but when i saw Scalp also likes it long, i joined around 70.3."

"I just covered half my VRX puts at $1.80 for +5.50 pts. Not worth the risk for me to wait for only 1.8 pts. Thanks again for that one, I would rarely have gone that deep."

"The way you explained the trade in DWTI was excellent. I am glad I hitched my wagon to

you on that trade and will keep it as long as you do...thanks again for a great trade."

"You made an amazing call on Oil. 235pt profit right now in DWTI short. Trying to cover 20% sometime today."

"CHART your short NQ call early today set me up for a big day on the short side on many things, I salute you once again, many thx!"

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