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You understand the fundamentals and the risk. You've made some trades.
Chances are you've had more losers than winners. But why? What's missing?

Successful traders have a deep understanding of how the markets work.
This only comes with experience.

Without it, you risk losing a couple months' pay or worse - decimating your trading account.
With an average of 18 years of experience, our traders can help you solve the trading puzzle.

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There is no substitute for experience.

Anyone can make a good call every now and then. But in order to consistently locate high-probability opportunities, you must be able distinguish good market action from bad and understand the context of the markets in order to call your next move.

Our team provides the market color and insight that only experienced traders who have seen many different types of market conditions and witnessed numerous market cycles firsthand can.

Listen to some exclusive thought leadership and market insight with these recent discussions from our Trader Audio stream:

Strategies & Expertise

Our expert traders cover a variety of asset classes and trading instruments.
They lay out strategies based on specific trading styles to help guide you to the best opportunities while providing the ongoing color you need to stay on top of all of the pieces of the puzzle.

Our diversity in Technical, Fundamental-based swing, and short-term momentum-based trading, as well as Growth, Value, Commodities, Futures, ETFs, Options, IPO, and Income strategies help you take advantage of the most compelling opportunities as they emerge.

See examples of some of our recent calls and strategies below:

Education & Guidance

From entry/exit points to position sizing, Briefing Trader provides the education, guidance, and discipline you need to minimize risk and maximize profits.

Get unparalleled access into the minds and strategies of our traders with ongoing mentorship via live audio interviews, educational segments, and discussions designed to greatly improve your consistency and performance.

See a prime example of educational insight and guidance from Blue Chip Trader below:

"It is impressive to see how each of you control risk, never chase trades, and exercise an incredible amount of discipline as you consider and execute calls. Thank you for all of your insights and guidance on trade considerations."
"I am a fairly successful trader now, largely thanks to you, CHART and SCALP. Where I have seen most of my improvement in the 3 years with Briefing Trader has been with my patience and ability to wait and trade only when conditions are favourable...I love Briefing Trader!"

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