Debunking Trading Myths
With the market at all-time highs, being a passive index investor could be dangerous. Each of our traders has a minimum of 10 years of experience and has seen many market cycles firsthand. We consistently pick huge winners so we know there are still plenty of big opportunities to actively invest and trade in today's markets.

Briefing Trader identifies big opportunities and trend changes so you can quickly adapt.

Briefing Trader Features

In-depth trading analysis & research

Market intelligence from senior analysts

Technical scans & setups

Live trading calls with entry & exit points

Customizable trading alerts

Mobile app access

Briefing Trader Subscribers Say:

"In my 50 years of trading (OTC TRADER SINCE 62) I never met up with a finer group then this one. It seems everybody always has some time to answer my questions and help me figure out what my thoughts are. I only wish I was 55 not 75 so I could continue for many more years with such a fine group of professionals...THANKS FOR EVERYTHING"

"I am a fairly successful trader now, largely thanks to you, CHART and SCALP. Where I have seen most of my improvement in the 3 years with Briefing Trader has been with my patience and ability to wait and trade only when conditions are favourable...I love Briefing Trader!"

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