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Trading Policy
Briefing.com is a leading provider of accurate, unbiased financial and investment news and analysis. Trading by our personnel which is improper or which merely appears to be improper could harm our high reputation for the integrity of our information and analysis.
No Briefing.com employee may buy or sell any security of any company that is the subject of any news or analysis that the employee has specific knowledge will be posted on the Briefing.com web site until 24 hours have passed after the posting. Specific knowledge means that the employee is aware of the nature of the content of that news or analysis, and does not refer to expectations that a general news item will be published. The preceding guideline applies only to the direct purchase or sale of a security and not to indirect transactions such as would occur through the purchase or sale of a mutual fund.
In addition, certain types of trading activity can subject the company to liability and the participants to civil penalties, criminal fines and jail terms for fraud or market manipulation. The officers, analysts and employees of Briefing.com want the same freedom to buy and sell securities in the market that others enjoy. Every effort has been made to make this trading policy no more restrictive than necessary to protect the reputation and financial well-being of Briefing.com.
Subscription Policy
Readers of all Briefing.com services may access them 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Subscribers to Briefing.com’s paid services will be provided with secure access and may individualize their password.
Briefing.com offers a free trial to the end of the current month for each subscription service. Should the trial subscriber contact Briefing.com customer service prior to the end of the current month and cancel, the trial subscriber’s credit card will not be billed.
Upon expiration of the free trial period, subscription fees will be billed to the subscriber’s credit card for the billing period chosen. Subscribers who have paid upfront for an annual subscription may cancel their service and receive a prorated refund if they cancel their subscription within 30 days of the end of their free trial period or renewal term. After the 30 day period, subscribers will not be entitled to any refund, reimbursement or other credit.
Tax Policy
Briefing.com collects any applicable taxes, whether state, county, local, city, sales, consumption, value-added, excise, use or other taxes, when due. The sales tax is applied to the total amount of the services ordered and is based on the end-user's state and local sales tax rates. The following services are exempt from sales taxes in any states: 1) advertising revenues, and 2) content partners who collect sales taxes from their customers.