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An Introduction to Futures Trading
Senior Analyst and Trader Brett Manning (CHART) provides a thorough account of the tools, concepts, and strategies requisite for a transition into involvement in the Futures Markets. Topics include the origin and purpose of futures markets, basic concepts including symbology, expirations, order types, broker considerations, etc., lessons learned during 15 years of active involvement in futures markets, and how he defines "setups."

How to Find Profitable Trading Opportunities Using Technical Analysis Scans
Senior Technical Analyst Scott Smith, CMT (BLUEX) gives a behind the scenes look at our popular column TA Page Scans which provides computerized scans based upon specific technical criteria designed to help both Day and Swing Traders identify profitable trading opportunities.

How to Avoid Heavy Losses in a Choppy Market
The Briefing Trader team hosts a round table discussion of strategies for navigating the recent market volatility. Topics include, avoiding big losses chasing former high-flyers that have lost their wings, identifying new leadership stocks, historical context for recent price action and how it should impact your near-term trading.

Strategies and Insights from Our Veteran Traders
Watch our Chief Market Strategist Damon Southward (SCALP) and Senior Market Analyst Brett Manning (CHART) as they provide invaluable trading insights, strategies, and a behind-the-scenes view of their approaches to the markets. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from our veteran traders and get the insight you need to improve your trading technique.

How To Identify Early-Stage Growth Stock Ideas
Watch our Senior Managing Analyst Jim Busch (SETUPX) as he provides an in-depth look at how to screen for early-stage growth stock ideas, and what fundamental and technical criteria to look for. Specifically, what makes an “early-stage” idea, Growth stock screening criteria, what makes a "story stock", technical chart characteristics, and the best resources and examples.

Identifying Swing Trading Set-ups in Leading Sectors and Stocks
Watch our Senior Technical Analyst Scott Smith, CMT (BLUEX) give insight on how to best identify leading sectors and stocks showing relative strength, how to spot low-risk, high-reward opportunities setting up for a swing, recognizing warning signals to minimize risk, exit strategies, and the most effective method for letting your winners ride.

How to Turn Day Trades Into Swing Trades For Larger Gains
Senior Technical Analyst Scott Smith, CMT (BLUEX) provide a review of his trading activity from the entire month of August 2013. You'll also get a detailed look at how he turns day trades into swing trades for larger gains. Learn simple swing trading analysis, tips for swing trading in high probability price zones, how to manage your risk, and much more.

Understanding and Profiting From Relative Strength
Join Senior Managing Analyst Jim Busch (SETUPX) as he gives an in-depth look at the the concept of Relative Strength and discusses how investors can profit from using this metric. Learn how various forms of Relative Strength are calculated, why it is a key metric for both technical and fundamental investors, and how to interpret it in various market conditions.

How to Spot Winning Growth Stocks in Difficult Markets
Senior Managing Analyst Jim Busch (SETUPX) discusses how maintaining a Relative Strength Watchlist during periods of market weakness can help you pinpoint who the next winners will be in the rally that follows. Watch this webinar to learn techniques to manage your risk and review some examples, past and present, of stocks that gave bullish signals during corrections and went on to post big gains.

How to Avoid Costly Mistakes When Markets Shift From Overdrive to Neutral
The Briefing Trader Senior Analysts discuss mistakes they have made over the years that may save you from experiencing the same pain. They also highlight strategies they are utilizing as the markets shift gears and answer questions about strategies, trading styles or the Briefing Trader service.

Strategies For Reading Market Behavior
Senior Market Analyst Brett Manning (CHART) provides a behind-the-scenes view of his approach to the markets, including a detailed look at pattern analysis, sentiment data, and selection of market focus. As well as a tour of his charting/market interface setup, and insight on how he tracks markets during the day.

Maximize Your Briefing Trader Service and Intro to SCALP Trades
Chief Market Strategist Damon Southward (SCALP) provides an introduction to the Briefing Trader team, best practices for implementing his specific trading calls, and shares tips and strategies for maximizing and profiting from your Briefing Trader service.


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