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About Us
Briefing.com provides independent, live market analysis of the U.S. and international equity markets. It’s our passion, and has been since Dick Green, one of the most-recognized authorities in economic and financial market analysis, founded the Chicago-based company in 1993.
Briefing.com was the first company to use the power of the Internet to provide live market coverage, commentary and analysis. And as the Internet has grown, so has Briefing.com. Briefing.com content serves millions of readers in 86 countries through our partnerships with virtually every leading online financial site and brokerage firm.
Individual investors, active traders and institutional professionals rely on Briefing.com’s timely and unbiased market analysis to make intelligent and profitable investment decisions.
We maintain an objective and unbiased approach to our analysis because we do not take any market positions and don’t make any money through financial market transactions. Our extensive network of buy-side and sell-side contacts helps us make sure our clients get the real story; often hours before analysts publish their official notes or the mainstream media picks it up. To ensure objectivity, all employees are required to sign the Briefing.com trading policy.
Briefing.com remains committed to providing our readers with the timely, useful commentary and analysis they’ve come to expect. The market moves fast, and Briefing.com’s live analysis is a critical tool investors need to keep pace.