April Treasury Budget

Updated 25-May-11 21:13 ET


  • The federal budget deficit contracted from $82.7 bln in April 2010 to $40.5 bln in March 2011. Since the Treasury budget data are not seasonally adjusted, the results cannot be compared with the levels from February.
  • The consensus expected the deficit to narrow to $41.0 bln.

Key Factors

  • The Congressional Budget Office released its deficit preview earlier in the week and forecasted a budget shortfall of $41.0 bln. The market is well aware of the CBO's forecast, and since discrepancy between the CBO and actual data was minor, there should be limited market reaction.
  • Total outlays increased $2.1 bln from April 2010 to April 2011. Revenues increased $44.3 bln during the same time frame.
  • Fiscal year-to-date, the deficit is $869.9 bln, $70.2 bln more than FY10.

Big Picture

  • Raw Data Available At:

Deficit (-)/Surplus -$40.5B -$188.2B -$222.5B -$49.8B -$80.0B
Deficit (-)/Surplus Fiscal YTD -$869.9B -$829.4B -$641.3 -$418.8B -$370.8B
Deficit (-)/Surplus over last 12 months -$1364.4B -$1406.6B -$1283.9B -$1282.3B -$1275.1B