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[BRIEFING.COM] The S&P 500 has narrowed its loss to 0.2% in a move that saw most sectors inch up from their recent levels. However, consumer staples (-0.5%) and industrials (-0.8%) remain near their session lows. Meanwhile, the materials sector (+0.2%) has returned...
Equity ratings changes direct from brokerage firms.
Action Ticker Brokerage Firm
Reiterated WLB Imperial Capital
Reiterated ACRX Mizuho
Reiterated ARRS Brean Capital
The S&P futures market, which is trading close to fair value, can be forgiven this morning for having that deer-in-the-headlights look to it. There is a lot that is coming the market's way this week and a lot of what is coming its way is important. Close to 150 S&P...
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