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Afternoon Update: 2Y -01/32 @ 99 24/32...3Y -03/32 @ 99 27/32...5Y -06/32 @ 99 14/32...7Y -07/32 @ 99 22/32...10Y -08/32 @ 100 10/32...30Y -11/32 @ 101 04/32...EURUSD -80 pips @ 1.2530...GBPUSD -5 pips @ 1.5995...USDJPY +275 pips @ 112.00...USDCHF +60 pips @...
Initial public offerings scheduled to price in the current week.
Ticker Underwriter
FSAM Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan,
SIEN Piper Jaffray,
BOOT JP Morgan, Piper Jaffray,
On October 15 the S&P 500 closed at 1862.49. That left it down 5.6% for the month and down 7.8% from its all-time high on September 19. If the current indication in the S&P futures market holds, it may very well be testing that all-time high shortly after the start...
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