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[BRIEFING.COM] The stock market ended the Thursday session on a modestly higher note despite a cautious start. The S&P 500 added 0.2%, ending at a fresh record at 2,052.75 while the Nasdaq Composite (+0.6%) and Russell 2000 (+1.1%) outperformed. Equities faced some...
Dates, times, forecasts, and actual outcomes of key economic releases.
Date Release
20-Nov-14 Initial Claims
20-Nov-14 Continuing Claims
20-Nov-14 CPI
For the first time it seems in a while, the major indices all closed with a loss on Wednesday. Selling interest was more prominent in the the Russell 2000 (-1.0%) and Nasdaq Composite (-0.6%) than it was in the Dow (-0.01%) and S&P 500 (-0.15%). The indication from...
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